Who Killed the Ghost of Christmas Past? (SOLD OUT)



Alchemist Productions & Project Empty Space present: "WHO KILLED THE GHOST OF CHRISTMAS PAST?" An interactive murder mystery written & directed by Michael Timm

It’s Christmas Eve 1929 and murder cuts short the opening night of the Valhalla Theatre’s wildly revised version of A Christmas Carol. As the power fluctuates and the roof threatens to cave in, snowbound audience members (you!) must ferret out the killer before he or she strikes again. In the process you help unravel the secrets that entangle a colorful cast of suspects teetering on the brink between the Jazz Age and the Great Depression. "Ghost?" is family-friendly holiday fun perfect for office parties, social outings, first dates, or anyone looking for a good time doing something a little different. WARNING: This is not passive entertainment. Audience members (you!) participate in the story. Teams of two to four are recommended, but singles or larger groups are welcome. The show is partly scripted action onstage, but audience members (you!) must mingle and gossip with the suspects, wander two labyrinthine floors of the theater building in search of clues, and play “games” to access evidence that helps solve the murder. This December, are you keen enough to catch a killer? Please click here for more info about this show and the cast of characters. Tickets are $15. No need to print tickets. Simply write down your confirmation number. Please check in at the bar when you arrive. Tickets not claimed (checked in) 5 minutes before showtime may be resold. Late arrivals not permitted. No cell phones, computers or photography. No ticket or date exchanges possible. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.



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