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We select a variety of chairs for the dining room with functional, colorful and durable Ikea aesthetics.
We select a variety of chairs for the dining room with functional, colorful and durable Ikea aesthetics.IKEA

The dining room is the place in the house where you socialize the most throughout the day. Moments of meeting, celebrations and, above all, sharing lunches and dinners with family or friends. So, if you are one of those who are thinking of renovating their old chairs or need to furnish a renovated room, this article will interest you. It is a selection of dining chairs Ikea aesthetic with a modern, functional and durable line.

But, above all, with a common premise: none of these products exceeds 60 euros on the website of Ikea. A very attractive and affordable price with which to equip important parts of the house such as the kitchen, the living room and, of course, the living room. Available in different colors, good finishes (wood, steel, plastic) and different sizes.

solid wood chair

One of the simplest pieces of furniture to dress the dining room that you will find in the Ikea online catalog is this Stefan model. It is sold in two neutral colors and its backrest, being so tall, is very comfortable to use. You can add a matching cushion to match most of the styles of the room where we place it.

Upholstered chair with metal legs

An alternative for all those who want chairs with a medium seat height: no more than 50 centimetres. Its assembly is very simple as it is assembled with four screws, a feature that has led it to obtain a very high rating from Ikea: 4.8 out of 5 stars. It can be chosen in three different finishes and colors.

High back curved chair

It is the best-selling product in its category at Ikea. It can be chosen in three different colors (white, oak effect and dark brown), and it is equipped with a fabric made from a mix of cotton and polyester. In addition, its backrest presents a very comfortable angle of use, making this chair the perfect choice to be used in meals where the after-dinner table is long.

Wide back chair

A style that reminds us of the most typical office, offering a fresh and modern look to the main dining room. Both the ergonomically designed seat and backrest are upholstered and its structure distributes the weight evenly, reducing muscle pressure. An ideal furniture for long evenings.

Cross back chair

Solid wood structure and resistant seat made of fiberboard: this is this classic-style chair that will look just as good in the kitchen dining room or in the living room. It can be purchased in four elegant colors and complemented with attractive covers.

Handmade chair in ash wood

A variant of furniture with simple lines is this other chair, in an artisan style made of ash wood. And a product that supports all kinds of typical activities that take place in a dining room such as eating, playing, drawing or doing homework. Although it may seem otherwise, its height reaches 80 cm. Also available in black.

⋅ Folding and stackable dining chairs

Folding chair with metal legs

On sale in the two most classic colors that predominate in a kitchen (black and white), this product is the most basic in chairs in its category, the so-called folding chairs. Despite its small dimensions, it can support up to 100 kg without problems. In addition, having the handle integrated into the backrest makes it easy to transport. It can also be hung on the wall.

Light chair made of steel and plastic

Also available in the two classic colors typical in the home, it is a product that weighs very little thanks to the materials in which it is made: steel and polypropylene plastic. They are very manageable to transport and can be stacked very easily.

Folding chair with padded seat and back

An evolution of this type of furniture is found in this model from the Ikea catalog. It is a folding chair with a solid wood structure, which can withstand weights greater than 100 kilograms. Regarding its aesthetics, it is covered with a polyester fabric in a greyish tone that gives the whole a very nice touch.

Stackable chair with wide seat

A product that combines very well with different styles and, given its size and shape, it fits perfectly with any dining table, including drop-down ones. Strong and lightweight, it can be stacked up to six units at a time. For sale in blue, black and white.

⋅ Tall dining chairs

High chair for children’s dining room made of plastic

There are times when the smallest of the house are in that moment of growth in which they can no longer sit in a high chair but a normal chair is not worth it either. Therefore, the solution is to resort to a junior chair like the one in the image. It is easy to clean and its dimensions are 45 x 48 x 79 cm. “It allows children to be at table height; they are comfortable and at the same time they can interact with the rest of the family”, admits a user.

Solid wood children’s dining high chair

Another product alternative would be to get an accessory like this: made of solid pine wood, it has a layer of clear acrylic varnish that gives the whole set great elegance. It incorporates four cross supports at different heights to support the feet. Its dimensions remain at 41 x 45 x 77 cm.

*All purchase prices included in this article are current as of March 5, 2023.

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