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We describe a series of products to repair punctures in car or motorcycle tires as soon as possible.
We describe a series of products to repair punctures in car or motorcycle tires as soon as possible.krafft

Pieces of glass, a simple nail or any other sharp element located on the asphalt can cause a small puncture that ruins our expectations of traveling by car. To try to minimize this cumbersome setback, in THE COUNTRY Showcase we have compiled a series of accessories and products at affordable prices on Amazon with which to repair this type of puncture as soon as possible and in a comfortable and simple way. Among the panoply of possibilities, we highlight the repair kits in all its formats, the rubber strips or wicks and the spray sealersamong others.

Without forgetting such important elements as the emergency triangles, in case of getting out of the vehicle and not having been able to park it in an area where exposure to a hazard or accident is not ruled out. And, above all, remember that a puncture can only be fixed in the tread of a tire, never on his flank; In addition, to take into account the characteristics and age of the tires.

⋅ Puncture kit, sealant sprays and portable air compressors

Mini puncture repair kit

If we are very crafty, we can use this small kit to solve a setback with the tires. The lot integrates what is essential to get out of trouble in a situation like this: a T-handle insert tool, another spiral probe, 40 strips of vulcanizing wicks and a pair of gloves. In short, an ideal solution to temporarily repair small holes.

Puncture repair set with cover included

For a slightly higher price, we can choose this other model of repair set. Incorporates higher quality parts with the aim of carrying out a faster and more effective work. Among the tools, we find an insertion accessory, another for a spiral probe, some soft grip pliersa twenty of wicks, a pair of disposable glovesa manual and a canvas case where to conveniently store all the accessories.

Complete tire repair kit with case

It is the best-selling product in its category and its popularity lies in the small details. For a start, all its parts are metalmade of chromed steel, and stored in a practical briefcase it hardly takes up space. Its accessories include: about twenty wicks, a 4-in-1 tool, a hex bolt, an L-wrench, an insert accessory and a spiral probe accessory. Also mention that the chrome-plated steel is resistant to rust and very difficult to deformideal for handling tires.

Emergency tire kit with sealant and pump

This packagewhat includes sealing container and air pump, is another option with which we will quickly fix a puncture on the road. The content of the sealant is ecologicalnon-corrosive and non-toxic, and is suitable for both standard and larger tires fitted to trucks, SUVs or vans. The power cable is three meters long and the lot also incorporates a storage bag and manual of instructions.

Portable air compressor with built-in handle

We will never know when we will need to resort to it, but it is one of the essentials when trying to solve a puncture. This air pump incorporates two ways to access the valve connection (one faster and another that offers greater stability). In addition, it integrates a LCD screen shows four different units of measurement just like him current pressure level in the tires. As if that were not enough, it also includes a led light and is capable of inflating any medium size tire in as little as five minutes.

⋅ Emergency sealants

Emergency sealant spray, Krafft

One of the most practical systems to get out of the trouble we find ourselves in when we have a puncture in the middle of a trip. The product seals the hole generated and its propellant gas inflates the rubber until it is later repaired.. Repairs all types of punctures, except for severe tears in the tube or large diameter holes. This temporary solution works without a problem if we first deflate the tire completely and shake the product well before use.

Ecological tire puncture sealant (470 ml)

Another alternative, in medium punctures or small cuts, is to resort to the product in the image. This sealing product repairs this type of puncture in the tire instantly by fiber sealing technology Which incorporates. Easy to use, it is not a flammable or corrosive solution and it is not toxic either. We can use it for three days or travel up to 160 kilometers before making the relevant visit to the workshop to check the affected tire.

⋅ Glue, wicks and rubber bumpers

sealant adhesive glue

Sometimes, the tires suffer some type of abrasion or bite on their surface that makes them more vulnerable to the fasteners that we can find on the road. To solve it, nothing better than using a glue with high sealing power. The one we highlight is raincoat, resists well the thermal amplitude And it’s black in color, so it’s barely noticeable once applied.

50 strips of wicks for anti-puncture treatment

It never hurts to have an accessory like rubber straps vulcanizing or also of so-called wicks. They are the most common given their good value for money as long as its installation is done as a temporary and emergency solution. On Amazon, for example, we have found this kit of 50 units for less than 12 euros. Each of the strips has a length of 10 cm and a thickness of 6 mm, and they are made of natural rubber, so they maintain a durability and high flexibility.

Set of 30 rubber bumpers in size S and L

High quality and very easy to apply, this solution is useful in the event that the puncture has been caused by nails or screws. It is a product wrapped in rubber and with a high wear resistance. To install it, it is not necessary to disassemble the tire and its installation is quick and easy. Two sizes come in the lot: 15 small units and others 15 larger. A solution designed for both car, motorcycle and truck tires.

package 24 rubber nails

Another alternative is found in the set of 24 units in the image. Unlike the traditional stops made of a rubber material, the design of this accessory is made up of a very elongated lower part and an upper area with a large, highly resistant surface, the purpose of which is to cover a greater extension of the puncture. Its nail, made of steel, simplifies the entire operation to the maximum. The lot is sold in two sizes.

⋅ Protection elements

magnetic led light for car

Gifts, the more practical, the better. As it happens to the product that we highlight in the image, that we can use them in case of emergency or in case of any unforeseen event on the road. At a noticeable discount, this light magnetic base led It can be used in rain or snow and is installed in just 30 seconds on any metal surface, including the roof area of ​​the vehicle. All without getting off it and with the approval of the corresponding General Directorate of Traffic.

Reflective triangle for emergencies

Closing this selection, we could not fail to highlight an accessory as important as the emergency triangle. The one we highlight in the image is small, light and easy to store; In addition to having an added improvement: equip a material super reflective abroad that makes it easier to be seen by other drivers at a farther distance than with other accessories in its category. Lastly, note that your unions are finished in a metal material easy to insert and more resistant.

*All purchase prices included in this article are current as of March 19, 2023.

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