December 4, 2023

Enjoy a resistant and durable artificial grass.  © Courtesy of Amazon.
Enjoy a resistant and durable artificial grass. © Courtesy of Amazon.

If you want to enjoy grass on your terrace, patio, garden or balcony all year round and with minimal maintenance, the solution is artificial grass. This type of synthetic grass is easier to maintain than natural grass, since it does not need fertilizers or fertilizers, therefore it also favors saving water.

In addition, artificial grasses can be installed on any surface very easily and are very resistant and durable. So if you want to enjoy a perfect looking lawn all year long, here are four options available on Amazon to achieve it.

Artificial grass of 200 x 150 centimeters

Enjoy a perfect looking lawn all year round with this type of artificial grass that can be laid both indoors and outdoors.

This synthetic grass is made with materials resistant to bad weather. In addition, it incorporates good drainage and can be easily cut with scissors.

Different colors

This artificial grass is available in different colors such as grey, two types of green and brown, to be able to choose depending on our decorative tastes. In addition, it is also available in different sizes.

Heavy Duty Artificial Grass

The height of this artificial grass is seven millimeters, it is very light and easy to install on any type of surface. It can be cut to size without the risk of fraying.

Its measurements are 1 x 5 meters and it is made of non-toxic materials, so it is also suitable for pets.

does not fade

So that the appearance of this artificial grass is always perfect, it has received an anti-UV treatment. In this way, discoloration is avoided so that it is always green.

high density artificial grass

The color of the thread of this grass includes four different shades, it is very resistant and allows intensive use without degrading.

It has a series of drainage holes that makes it permeable. It dries quickly after getting wet and is very easy to install.

fire retardant

Thanks to the materials with which this grass is made, it is fire retardant for greater safety. In addition, it supports high temperatures, does not discolor and is resistant to the passage of time.

artificial grass with good drainage

This artificial grass, approximately 20 millimeters high, is made of high-density polyethylene with a very high resistance to wear and tear and guarantees great comfort with each step.

It has a drainage capacity of 40 litres/hour, prevents fading from the sun and is fire retardant for added safety. It is available in different sizes to choose from depending on the needs.

very easy to install

The installation of this artificial grass is very simple, since you only have to place it on a smooth and clean surface, unroll it, join the joints with adhesive tape and finally brush it.

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