March 4, 2024

These blue light filter glasses can be worn all day long.  GETTY IMAGES.
These blue light filter glasses can be worn all day long. GETTY IMAGES.

The symptoms of frequent exposure to blue light, emitted by electronic devices, are headaches, visual fatigue, blurred vision or tired and dry eyes, and now you can forget about all of them thanks to glasses that count with filters that block blue light. Thus, you will be able to spend hours in front of the screen, be it your mobile phone, computer or tablet, comfortably and always with your eyes protected.

Another advantage of these glasses is that by reducing the amount of blue light that reaches your eyes, it will be easier for you to fall asleep at night. So if you want to include this magnificent accessory in your daily routine, keep reading because below you will find four models, available on Amazon, that stand out for their resistant frames, their high-quality lenses, and their different designs.

Glasses with protective filter with more than 11,100 reviews

If you are looking for an effective solution against the harmful effects caused by blue light, these glasses are perfect for you, since they have a blue light filter in a spectrum between 380 and 450 nanometers.

They are perfect to accompany you throughout the day, since they present a featherweight. They only weigh 27 grams for absolute comfort!

Includes accessories

The purchase package incorporates a black box in which the glasses come accompanied by a case with a drawstring closure and a chamois to clean them and keep them always ready.

Retro-style protective filter glasses

Enjoy effective protection against blue light throughout the day with these retro-style glasses that incorporate a highly effective blue light protection filter.

These types of lenses are very easy to clean, waterproof, scratch resistant and have low color distortion, making them ideal for daily use.

Comfortable nose pads

The extra-comfortable design of these glasses stands out, since they have very comfortable nose pads, upper hinges to better open and close the glasses, and an elegant-looking square frame.

Round glasses with protective filter

The round style of this model stands out, which is ideal for both men and women. These glasses have a blue light filter that manages to block between 90% and 95% of that harmful light, protecting our eyes more effectively.

It has a series of spring-loaded hinges on the temples that allow the glasses to be opened and closed more easily. These glasses come with a black case with drawstring closure.

Diferent models

This model of glasses with a blue light filter is available in different colors to be able to choose the one that best suits our style. In addition, they can also be chosen based on the diopters that we have.

package two blue light filter glasses

This package of blue light filter glasses allows your eyes to feel less tired and irritated when looking at the screens of electronic devices throughout the day. The blue light filter reduces headaches, eye fatigue and helps you fall asleep.

The frame is flexible and thanks to its ergonomic design it does not cause pain in the nose. The classic curved format stands out, very stylish. They are also available in other colors.

Different unit options

Depending on your needs, you can choose between different packs of units: one, two and even three. Each of them has a different color and blue light filter. Combine them as you want!

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