March 4, 2024

An essential to add to your daily cleaning that will catch dirt and hair without tangling.  CECOTEC.
An essential to add to your daily cleaning that will catch dirt and hair without tangling. CECOTEC.

With the arrival of spring it is more common for our home to fill with dust when opening the windows and more dirt is generated in any corner. However, there are articles that help us reduce house cleaning times and, in turn, offer exceptional results. This way we can better organize our day to day and take the opportunity to carry out other activities.

In this sense, one of the star products to get rid of dust and dirt are cordless vacuum cleaners. This small, lightweight and portable appliance is very comfortable to use, since it is not necessary to be near a plug because it incorporates internal batteries, as well as a tank with a good capacity. Without a doubt, an essential for daily cleaning.

And so that you can get one of these cordless vacuum cleaners, the model is available in the Cecotec online store Rockstar Nonstop Conga which presents a 20% discount with a final price of 79.70 euros. It is a 3-in-1 product, since this vacuum cleaner can easily be converted into a broom, an upright vacuum cleaner or a handheld vacuum cleaner. Don’t let it get away!

Clean effortlessly with its 360° technology

Get rid of all the dirt in your home efficiently and effortlessly thanks to 360 technology° that allows greater freedom of movement to reach any corner. In addition, being 3 in 1 you can choose between hand, vertical or broom suction. Without a doubt, a totally versatile and functional vacuum cleaner!

It incorporates two operating modes: eco and turbo to adapt the intensity to each circumstance without losing power or efficiency. Another advantage is that it comes equipped with high-quality filters, with a large-capacity tank (500 milliliters), which can be easily emptied, and various accessories to reach all surfaces.

45 minutes of autonomy and great suction power

Forget about charging the vacuum cleaner every two by three, since this Cecotec model has an incredible autonomy of 45 minutes. Thus, you can clean your entire house without interruptions and in a more comfortable way. In addition, the charging time is reduced to between four and five hours thanks to its Lithium-Ion battery.

Do not worry about its suction capacity either, since it has a power of 215 watts and a maximized suction power to destroy all the dirt, dust and even hair in a few seconds. It includes a mixed brush that combines two different bristle strips and a silicone strip, which are suitable for any type of surface.

*All purchase prices included in this article are current as of April 17, 2023.

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