March 3, 2024

We know that the end of the holidays is not easy, that we would like to have more days at the beach, enjoying with our loved ones, but everything has come to an end and it is time to return to the routine. Classes will start again soon It is important that you have everything you need to make your return easier and calmer. It’s time to review what you need, what you have to buy, so you don’t leave everything to the last minute, and stress becomes your worst enemy. So that this does not happen, at Showcase we have made a list of everything you need for back to school.

Black anti theft backpack

With this backpack you can keep all your belongings safe, it has an exterior closure and includes a padlock, which represents greater security. You can carry your electronic objects such as tablets or laptops without problems. It is also very comfortable and is made with materials that are resistant to wear and water.

Tablet Samsung A7

One of the best tablets for your return to school to be the best, it is compact and has an elegant and sophisticated design. It has a very resistant frame, which will help protect the device against accidents and blows. It is a tablet that stands out for its speed and power, ideal for students.

classic large notebook

A good notebook is essential to be able to take notes in class, and this large and classic notebook is ideal for returning to studies. It has an elastic closure, and it is distributed by colors in the corners so that you can organize yourself better. If you want to keep notes you can do so in its practical outer pocket.

Lenovo IdeaPad Laptop

This laptop is a powerful machine that has a 11th Gen Intel Ci3 processor in a sleek, lightweight design. It is an ideal laptop for you to do your daily study tasks, it has great sound and a high-quality screen. In addition to being a powerful and fast laptop, it is also very light, so you can take it everywhere.

colored post it

For back to school you cannot miss these famous sticky notes, which are very practical and help us organize and remember important things. You can mark important dates on the calendar, these notes stick to almost any type of surface. These notes come in an ideal size to write down whatever you want and put them where they best suit you.

School supplies case

There is nothing worse than having the pens, colors and all our school supplies thrown inside the backpack, but with this case this will not happen anymore. This case has two closures and is very spacious, so you can store everything you need. It has a modern design and is also made with high quality and resistant materials.

kids backpack

This children’s backpack is made of polyester., a material very resistant to wear caused by the passage of time. It has a front compartment where food can be stored at a suitable temperature. It also has a main compartment, very spacious, in which you can carry everything you need.

retractable pens

Of course, for your return to school to be a complete success, you cannot miss some good pens. The ones we recommend today they are retractable and made of stainless steelSo they are more resistant. On the other hand, they have a fine point, so that you have a better line and greater comfort when writing. You can find various colors such as blue, black, green and red.

Kindle e-reader

Reading your school or university books has never been so easy and comfortable, with this Kindle you will be able to read regardless of whether it is day or night. It is very small and compact, ideal to take everywhere without taking up much space. You will be able to select among many books, store them and read them whenever you want and in the place you want.

120 sheets notebook

In this notebook you will be able to write everything you want, your notes, lists, thoughts, etc. It has good quality pages, which are more resistant than that of traditional notebooks. It has an integrated page divider, plus it has a cardboard cover with rounded corners.

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