December 4, 2023

Massage and exfoliate your back in a simple way.  GETTY IMAGES.
Massage and exfoliate your back in a simple way. GETTY IMAGES.

If you find it difficult to wash your back with the traditional sponge, don’t worry because we bring you the solution: bath brushes with extra-long handles. This design allows you to clean and exfoliate this part of the body with a gentle massage in a simple and comfortable way. Thus, you will eliminate dead skin cells, clogged pores and improve blood circulation to enjoy a revitalizing sensation every day.

These bath brushes can also be used on other areas of the body such as the buttocks or legs and their continued use helps reduce cellulite. It’s all advantages! So if you want to include this accessory in your daily beauty routine, keep reading because below you will find a selection with five different types of shower brushes, available on Amazon, that stand out for their ergonomic formats.

Exfoliating body brush with more than 5,900 reviews

This shower brush is made of natural bamboo and the bristles are strong to provide good skin exfoliation by removing dead cells.

It has measurements of 40 x 10.5 centimeters and a weight of 186 grams. And thanks to the extra long handle you can more easily wash your entire back.

Includes cord

The top of the handle features a small hole that incorporates a lanyard. In this way, the brush can be hung on any ledge so that it dries more quickly.

silicone shower brush

The extra-long design (36 centimeters) of this shower brush stands out, which has an ergonomic design for a better grip.

The upper part incorporates a hole to hang it, thus favoring its drying in less time. It is made of silicone and is available in other colors such as pink or green.

Soft and resistant bristles

The bristles of this brush are medium in size and very soft and resistant. They can be used with any type of body gel and have good drainage to prevent the accumulation of bacteria.

3 in 1 toilet brush

Multi-purpose and non-slip design. This is this bathroom brush that has three different interchangeable heads and the handle is foldable to take up less space.

The format of this brush stands out, since it has an ideal angle for washing more inaccessible areas of the body such as the back.

interchangeable heads

The great advantage of this brush is that the heads can be easily exchanged. Thus, you can choose between a head with soft nylon bristles, a sponge-type head and a pumice stone head.

Lot of toilet brushes with more than 7,100 reviews

Reduce cellulite and improve your blood circulation with this batch of bath brushes. The bristles are strong, so you can remove dead cells and enjoy a revitalizing sensation.

The handle of the body brush is extra long to be able to exfoliate areas of the body such as the back, buttocks or legs with greater comfort.

The most complete

This lot is one of the most complete, since it includes a body brush, a face brush, a pair of shower gloves and a travel bag to store all these products.

exfoliating silicone band

If you prefer a different format to the body brush, this option is perfect for you. It is a band made of high quality silicone that has a double side with two different patterns to choose the desired exfoliation.

It gently massages your entire body without damaging it, making this exfoliating strip suitable for all skin types. In addition, it incorporates hooks at the ends to hang it and make it dry more easily.

Easy to clean

One of the advantages of this silicone exfoliating strip is that it can be easily cleaned with soap and water. It can also be boiled to completely remove all residues.

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