March 4, 2024

A very practical tool to connect several devices at the same time.  GETTY IMAGES.
A very practical tool to connect several devices at the same time. GETTY IMAGES.

Electrical extension cords are very useful when connecting different devices if they are not right next to the plug. Their different lengths allow the power cables to be extended to gain distance and many of these models incorporate several plugs to connect different electronic devices at the same time. A very comfortable tool when you want to do gardening or connect different devices if, in addition, the plug is far away, in the kitchen, living room or desk.

Currently, there are many options to choose from and it is sometimes difficult to know which is the best. Therefore, to help you with your search, in this selection you will find four different types of extension cords, available on Amazon, which stand out for their good value for money and for their easy use. Discover them!

power strip with four plugs

Now you can connect several devices, even if the plug is not nearby, with this strip that is made up of a three-meter power cable and four plugs.

The power cable is made of high quality and resistant PVC, and has good insulation. In addition, the casing is flame retardant for added safety.

incorporates switch

One of the advantages of this power strip is that it incorporates a red switch to be able to turn off all the devices while they are not in use. In this way, we will save electricity.

Five meter extension cord

This five meter long electrical extension cord is perfect for indoor use, as it is very safe and has protection against accidental contact. It consists of a plug and a socket with a ground connector.

Different colors and sizes

One of the advantages of this model is that it is also available in black and in different lengths (two, three and five metres) so that you can choose depending on your needs.

10 meter reelable extension cord

Easy to use and roll-up format. This is what this 10-meter extension cord is that incorporates four plug sockets and an on/off switch with an LED that indicates its operation.

It is available in other lengths and the cable can be easily coiled. It takes up very little space and is ideal for indoors and outdoors.

striking color

Both the color of the casing and the cable are deep green, a very striking hue, effective in preventing trips, falls or accidents, since this color is easier to see.

50 meter extension cord

The format of this extension cord stands out, since it has an IP54 external protection that protects the cables and connections from dust, splashing water and other debris. Thus, it can be used outdoors without problems.

It has a total length of 50 meters and a power of ‎3680 watts. It is ideal for gardening, barbecues or any other activity.

With protection box

For extra protection, this extension cord incorporates a waterproof protection box for extension cords. In this way, the connection of the cables will be safe even if they are outside.

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