February 20, 2024

Cactus, pothos, lilies and other varieties that are very easy to water.  GETTY IMAGES.
Cactus, pothos, lilies and other varieties that are very easy to water. GETTY IMAGES.

Plants bring a lot of vitality to any corner of our home. However, there are the usual problems such as little space or the absence of balconies and terraces or very cold or very hot weather, or the most common of all: having very little hand with plants. But don’t worry because if you want to get started in the beautiful and rewarding art of taking care of plants, this is the guide you were needing.

Therefore, since THE COUNTRY Showcase We have selected for you the 10 best indoor plants that endure life well at home and that hardly need care. If you have always thought that “I’ll take care of the cacti”, welcome to a new path that will only bring you success. Choose one of these and take good note of the care – all basic and simple – that you will have to provide them.

1. poto

Epipremnum aureum also known as potes, pothos, or simply a poto. You will have heard of it and it is the ideal one even for the most careless with plants. It supports well the lack of light and it is only necessary to water it when the soil in the pot dries up. For this reason, they are usually seen in the bathrooms of the houses, but their ideal place is on top of tall furniture and shelves since their branches become pendants as they grow. In addition, this plant is capable of filtering the toxins present in the environment.

2. Ribbons

A very showy variety of the emblematic ribbons. This is a Cordyline Australis (also known as ‘cabbage plant’) that offers the best: it is super decorative and, at the same time, it needs minimal attention. It supports high temperatures and does not need much light. So it is ideal for halls or corridors and you will only have to water it once or twice a week when the soil is dry.

3. Peace Lily

Spathiphyllum, Espatifilo or, easier: Peace Lily. It is a plant that purifies naturally and exudes elegance. One of the few that, being indoors, are capable of flowering throughout the year. It adapts to different temperatures and different levels of light and humidity, it is enough to water them once a week.

4. Mother-in-law’s tongue

A Sansevieria Zeylanica also known as Mother-in-law’s Tongue. It is so because of its elongated shape and its sword-shaped bicolor leaves. You will do well to place it in the bedrooms of your house because it decorates, it does not take up much space and, above all, because it releases oxygen at night and purifies the environment. Experts warn: it is so easy to care for that it is almost immortal and it suits the shade. It needs very little watering: once every two weeks it will be enough to put a plate with water under its pot.

5. Jade Tree

The gardening brand Gardens4you sells its most resistant plants through Amazon: a good example, the jade tree or Crassuwa Ovata. It is one of the best-known succulent plants in the world, with its fleshy leaves and its shape like a small tree. It resists drought very well (it needs little watering, just spray from time to time) and can reach a height of one to two meters. *As it requires very careful shipping, it costs 6.95 euros.

6. Red Anthurium

Anthurium or red Anthurium in Spanish: a very popular plant in homes for those who like to have flowers and color. It is a neotropical genus that resists all kinds of temperatures and conditions. Of course: better to keep it humid (although not flooded) and near a window but without direct light to the leaves so that it does not lose its bright red color.

7. Ficus

The eternal Ficus Lyrata. One of the most recognized and appreciated indoors, but better in large spaces. For a slightly higher level than the previous ones, it needs a little attention: better keep it away from radiators or drafts and also from low temperatures (never below 13º). It needs light, but better indirect light, and water a couple of times a week, only when you notice the dry land. A plus: it helps block noise pollution.

8. Adam’s Rib

The iconic Monstera (known as Adam’s Rib), in its Adansonii version. Famous for its large, tropical-looking leaves with holes in them like a Gruyère cheese. It is ideal for beginners but keep in mind that it can grow a lot. As it is from humid environments, the ideal is that you spray its leaves from time to time and that you water it only once a week. It likes to be both indoors and outdoors, but it better supports temperatures between 10 and 24 degrees.

9.Aloe Vera

Another of the Gardens4you offers ideal for indoors is this aloe vera plant. Super easy to care for, it is a desert plant that resists the heat of an interior very well. In addition to being super showy, its leaves can be used for therapeutic and beauty purposes. It will be good to give it light whenever possible, but you only have to water every 15 or 20 days with little water. *As it requires very careful shipping, it costs 6.95 euros.

10. ‘Cacti’ Euphorbia XL

Although at first glance it looks like a cactus, it is a succulent, a plant that needs much simpler care. It has a slender appearance (24 centimeters in diameter), with a height of approximately 70/80 centimeters from the root and, if well cared for, it can grow into something of a tree. It has to be watered once a week in spring-summer and every 20 days from autumn to winter, using gloves to handle it (the latex in its bark is toxic).

*All purchase prices included in this article are current as of April 14, 2023.

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