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Good white tennis shoes have become one of the basic footwear of our day to day. This type of tennis is very versatile, it can be used for different events, situations, and to combine with different types of styles. What is also true is that thanks to their color, these tennis shoes get dirty more easily, or at least, the dirt is much more evident. There are several ways to wash white tennis shoes depending on their material, but the most important thing is that during this process, your footwear does not suffer any wear. On this occasion, we want to give you some advice for washing your white tennis shoes, so that they remain spotless, as if you were taking them out of the box.

Wash white tennis shoes according to the material

Pay attention! Not because they are white, all shoes of this color should be cleaned or washed in the same way, you have to be very careful not to cause any damage, which can later be irreversible. There are kits for washing white tennis shoes that will help you a lot, for now, we will tell you what you should keep in mind to clean your white tennis shoes according to their manufacturing material.

Wash white canvas sneakers: they are usually made of canvas, a material that is very resistant. To wash them you can help yourself with a type of detergent to clean white tennis shoes, the most important thing is that it does not have any fragrance, because that way you guarantee that when the shoes dry, they do not have a bad smell.

Wash synthetic white sneakers: Generally, this type of tennis is made of rubber or similar materials. Due to their manufacturing material, they are usually more delicate than canvas tennis shoes. On the other hand, they normally tend to take on a yellowish color more easily. To wash synthetic white tennis shoes, we recommend moistening a cloth with a little ammonia, you just have to rub the stains to get rid of them.

Wash white leather sneakers: For this type of material you must take superior care, the ideal is that you clean them very frequently. To do so, you can help yourself with a toothbrush, gently rubbing the affected area, and removing the excess with a cotton ball.

What do you need to wash white tennis shoes?

It is important to know that Taking care of our footwear is essential so that it lasts much longer, and that it is aesthetically preserved as well as possible. We are going to tell you what you need to wash white canvas tennis shoes, especially made of this material, because they are one of the most common. Review this list and get what you need to leave your white sneakers like new.


We all have toothbrushes at home, these become an ideal tool to reach places that are difficult to access from tennis shoes. They are very practical and you can use them both to rub off a stain, and to help dirt in general come off the shoe.

Liquid soap

Liquid soap helps a lot to remove stains or dirt that is not so deep, that is, it can be a perfect ally for washing white tennis shoes more frequently.

cleaning cloths

These rags help us remove dirt and excess dirt, it is important that they are made of microfiber, since in this way they are more absorbent and help to detach more dirt in an easier way.

Sodium bicarbonate

This is one of the star compounds for whitening and cleaning white tennis shoes, you can mix it with water and rub it over the shoe surfaces. It is important to emphasize the areas where there are deeper stains.

Cleaning brush

These brushes are multifunctional, they are used to clean different items in our home. To wash white tennis shoes, they come in handy, since they take up a little more space and help to remove dirt more efficiently.

Tips for washing white tennis shoes

The first thing you should take into account is the material that your tennis shoes are made from, which we mentioned earlier, each material is unique and may require different steps or care to clean it. Next we will give you some tips for washing white tennis shoes, which will help you to leave them as new and that they suffer the least wear and tear.

Can white tennis shoes be washed in the washing machine?

Many people resort to the quickest and easiest, one of the main mistakes is to put the sneakers in the washing machine. We are not telling you that it cannot be an option, especially if you need your sneakers urgently, but you are going to wear out your shoes and soon you will have to throw them away. The best option is to wash white tennis shoes by hand, because this way you guarantee that these shoes will not be mistreated, you will be able to rub specifically on stains and dirt accumulated in some specific areas. Apart from the toothbrush and soap, there are special sponges for washing white tennis shoes, which work wonders and are an excellent option for removing dirt and stains.

Always remove the laces first

It is very important that before starting to wash the white tennis shoes, you remove the laces, in order to proceed to wash them separately. You can wash the shoelaces with liquid soap and water, you can leave them in a bucket with soap and water for a while, and then rub them together and finish rinsing them with clean water. If they are very dirty, you can use chlorine to bleach fabrics and thus achieve a perfect white.

separate templates

It is essential to wash the insoles of the shoes, they can concentrate bacteria and bad odors. In most tennis shoes, the insoles can be easily removed, so all you have to do is put them in soapy water, leave them for a while and you can gently scrub them with a not-so-thick bristle brush. Once you have washed the insoles, ideally you can leave them to dry in the sun, so you will make sure that they are completely dry and do not have a bad smell. Never use the washing machine with the insoles, since they can be damaged after this wash.

Soap and water are the best allies

Regardless of what type of sole your footwear has, to wash white tennis shoes, soap and water are the best companions in this process. There are special liquids to remove stains from shoes, but these are mainly used for very deep stains. For the sneakers themselves, you should try to avoid any type of strong detergent or chlorine, as they can cause irreversible damage. The best thing is that you use water and neutral soap, you can put them in a bucket and use them for the tennis surfaces, using a brush to remove the dirt.

Let them dry in the shade

After washing the white tennis shoes by hand, the ideal is to leave them to dry in the shade, so you will avoid any problems. If you leave them under the sun, the sneakers may suffer some damage, so it is best to leave them upside down for several hours and check if they are dry. Once they are dry, you can put the shoelaces and insoles on them, so you can use them again when you need them.

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