December 4, 2023

Kemuri brings together conflicting concepts of Japanese food culture: popular dishes inspired by taverns izakaya along with assortments of nigiris own exclusive bars. The classic and the unprecedented of Japanese cuisine in recipes that are solved with elaborate techniques. Overall, the latest from the Dani García group in Marbella is a bipolar offering within a striking interior space with a central bar and a few additional tables. Added to its original dishes is the winery, which is important, with a contingent of sakes, including rare or special bottles. And, in parallel, a list of notable cocktails likely to accompany the meal or support the activity of the cocktail bar with live music into which the venue is transformed after midnight.

To the chawanmushi initial, correct only, egg curd with mushrooms shitake and prawns, as an appetizer, follow the sheet of wagyu matured for two months in a chamber, which is sprinkled with drops of soybeans aged 34 years in cedar barrels. The singularities happen. The technique sabuzuke kemuri (fleeting cooking with subsequent marinating in porcelain containers) is applied to two fish that are presented in sashimi with uneven results: softer the hamachi (lemon fish) marinated in white soybeans for 24 hours, while the tuna belly is marinated for seven days in dark soybeans. The aubergine with miso can be improved, somewhat nondescript despite the fact that it is covered with flakes of katsuobushi (dry and smoked bonito) that is grated next to the bar.

Punctuation 7.5
Infusions (tea) 7
Kitchen 7.5
Desserts 6.5
Atmosphere 7.5
toilets 7
Service 6.5
An image of the interior of Kemuri, the new from Dani García in Marbella.
An image of the interior of Kemuri, the new from Dani García in Marbella.

The occasions in which dishes and cocktails finish the view are not rare. Part of the scenery of the room. It is ratified by shabu shabu of ox wagyu cut into thin slices that cooks poach before assembling the dish. The tempuras, by themselves, monopolize another chapter of weight. of the crunchy kakiage of vegetables and crystal prawns to portobello stuffed with prawns or Narisawa squid, in homage to the famous Japanese chef who showed García how to cut the cephalopod.

And from the tempuras to the roasts in Robataa popular Japanese grill that has a full impact on the flavors izakaya: tasty the yakitori chicken skin; the greasy one of the bird’s rump (chicken tail) and tasty the meatball (meat ball). Fried foods that reach excess with the tasty Katsu Ebi, prawn jumbo, to share in a mandatory way. Due to its small size and the point of the rice, more sour and sweet than usual, those obtained nigiris Kemuri (shrimp; thin shell; amberjack; tuna) are unique.

Hamachi or lemon fish marinated in white soybeans for 24 hours.
Hamachi or lemon fish marinated in white soybeans for 24 hours.

The effort of the house extends to the desserts, which under the advice of the great pastry chef Jordi Butrón strives to keep the gourmet bar high with which they identify: magnificent the cheesecake with banana ice cream; the pearls of Japan with coconut are pleasant and the mochis homemade that come from an external workshop.


Urbanization Puente Romano. Phase II, Local 52

Marbella (Malaga)

Telephone: 951 828 282

Closed: Monday and Tuesday (only open night shifts)


Narisawa Squid – 9

Smoked tuna tataki with egg yolk and soya – 16

Shabu-shabu of tuna belly – 20

Katsu ebi (jumbo prawn with coleslaw) – 36

Japan pearls, coconut and black sesame ice cream – 8

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