February 20, 2024

We rounded up a number of great value for money products on Amazon to dye gray beards.
We rounded up a number of great value for money products on Amazon to dye gray beards.Getty Images

One of the most frequently repeated concerns in the beauty category among adult men is how to effectively hide blemishes. gray beard and mustache that appear over time. One of the faster, more comfortable and applicable solutions for oneself is to resort to the gel tints and shampoo. These dyes, some of them with a high formulation of natural ingredients, are ideal for restoring the desired tone to this highly visible area of ​​the face.

Among the chosen dyes, there are those in gel or shampoo format, specifically for the beard or also to cover the hair. Of the most recognized brands, one of the best sellers in Amazon, Just for Men, although there are also cosmetics from the Wella professional line and other special brands. Regarding the budget, we have marked ourselves not to exceed 25 euros as a maximum limit, but without renouncing the value for money already some durable dyessome, several weeks.

Enhanced Formula Beard Dye, Just for Men

In all probability, this beard and mustache dye is one of the best known on the market (if not the most). The Just for Men brand is also present on Amazon and is chosen in four best-selling colors: black, brown, light brown, and dark brown. Its formula is free of ammonia and the color base has moisturizing extracts of chamomile and Aloe Vera. Its duration is effective until the gray hair grows back.

Beard dye with applicator brush 2 in 1, Llongueras

On sale in seven different shades, this product manages to attenuate the gray of the beard or mustache with a natural finish through a uniform color that lasts up to four weeks. Unlike others, the lot includes a fortifying serum formulated with jojoba and coconut oil, two elements that also soften the hair.

Beardburys Semi-Permanent Hair and Beard Dye

It contains almost 90% natural ingredients in its formulation and has a root effect. What does this mean? It is a dye that disappears with washing easily. It gives off a mild perfume and, being a shampoo, it can also be applied to the scalp. Sold in the four most popular shades (black, light/dark brown and grey) and subtle coverage is achieved in just five minutes of application. Includes activator.

Salvathor Duran 3-in-1 Beard and Mustache Dye with Applicator Brush

Gather three features in one: color, shampoo and conditioner. All this helps gray hair to gradually disappear, returning a very youthful dark tone. A product, in addition, that offers up to 20 applications thanks to its 250 ml. And its mode of use? Very easy. It includes a package of gloves where we must pour the product, distribute it with the brush over the hair to generate a slight foam with our hands.

Black Pigmented Foam & Shampoo Lot, Wella

The Wella firm, in its line of professional cosmetics, presents this other alternative for hair coloring, both for the scalp and for the beard and mustache. It consists of two differentiated products. The first, a mousse, should be applied to a dry beard, spreading out with the included comb. Leave to act for ten minutes, rinse and, finally, use the shampoo from the lot to eliminate the remains. Its smell is soft and the effects of the dye last more than a week.

Natural gray repigmenting dye with baobab oil

Although this shampoo solution is intended for the scalp, it can also be used on beards and mustaches without any problems. We will enjoy a natural gray tone with a softened finish by coloring the hair in just five minutes. The product is free of substances such as ammonia, oxidant and peroxide and offers good results on grey, gray or slightly white hair. It is recommended to use it two to three times a month.

Filler pencil for beard and mustache, VOID

This other alternative is designed for all those beards in which small holes and bald spots proliferate and we want to cover them more evenly. The product consists of a pencil whose ends contain a defining pencil and a brush to spread the dye in a practical way. It can be applied to any type of beard, it is resistant to water and sweat, it does not leave stains and, in addition, it lasts for 48 hours.

Gray hair reducer in shampoo format, GX

We complement this selection with a cosmetic that provides softness and volume to the beard in equal parts, in addition to progressively reducing gray hair in the beard and mustache with each wash. A dye, in addition, that penetrates thicker hair easily and should not be used on hair that has been lightened, bleached, treated with highlights or dyed blonde.

Beard dye in ten individual sachets

The last product on the list refers to these individual sachets that darken beards and mustaches in just five minutes. Its formula is soft and safe, and they do not irritate the skin, protecting and nourishing the hair in this area. In addition, it manages to enhance the shine of the boat and the set includes applicator gloves to spread the product. Although the color, according to the manufacturer, could remain for weeks, but for this the process would have to be repeated every two or three days.

*All purchase prices included in this article are current as of March 2, 2023.

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