March 4, 2024

Cooking food in the oven allows us to prepare elaborate desserts and dishes that cook evenly, in addition, we achieve that they have a juicy, gratin or roasted texture. But, to use the oven we need special utensils to achieve optimal results and avoid damage.

If you love preparing desserts and baking cookies or cupcakesyou can choose some baking mats which, in addition to being non-stick and protecting your containers, do not need to be previously greased. Likewise, they prevent food from sticking, withstand high temperatures, and are very easy to use. In EL PAÍS Showcase we recommend the Amazon Basics, number one in sales, which already exceeds 59,000 ratings.

ready to use

If you are a lover of trying recipes and experimenting in the kitchen preparing elaborate desserts or dishes, these mats will be ideal for you. They are made of food grade silicone highly resistant but flexible, ideal to place directly on a baking tray or inside a mold. Their non-stick coating allows you to use them without previously greasing so that you can cook healthy.

“It is one of the best products in the Amazon Basics series. High quality and ideal for large tray. They don’t get very dirty and nothing sticks to them. It does not leave flavors in the baked goods or in the oven. Highly recommended”, says José Jairo.

For her part, an Amazon user rates the product with five stars: “I loved them! They are super practical. I did the test and I sprayed spray oil on half of it, before putting the oven on, and not the other half. Of course it peels off much better if you put oil on it, but it’s not like it needs it either. I found the value for money excellent.”

Withstand high temperatures

The silicone mats, in a pack of two, withstand high temperatures up to 250°C without worrying about any damage. They measure approximately 29 cm long x 42 cm wide. The best thing is that they prevent stains in the oven and save you the expense of aluminum foil. In addition, they are useful to place as trivets under boiling pans and, unlike other containers or oven sheets, with them you can use spatulas or metal utensils without damaging them.

“I was looking for some baking mats and went for these based on the reviews and the price. With these, food does not stick and is easy to clean. They are a little bigger than my rectangular pans (standard size) but that’s not a problem. Excellent value for money, it’s worth it”, says María Treviño.

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