December 3, 2023

Sallent does not want to forget. The Llobregat Institute, where the 12-year-old twins who jumped a month ago from a third floor were studying, held an act of remembrance for their students this Tuesday: one of them died and the sister is recovering at the Sabadell hospital. The act was held in the last stretch of school hours this morning in the courtyard of the school grounds and was optional for all students. Those who have not wanted to participate have been able to go home.

The center tries to recover normality. The spaces in memory of the twins have lost their presence, and the students no longer know where the desk used by one of the victims is, which his classmates filled with signatures and dedications the day after the tragedy. “Now there is a climate of normality,” says a student of training cycles on the outskirts of the center. There is also no trace of the posters that some parents stuck on the wall claiming to know what happened. Only an updated painting on a wall near the institute gives clues to what happened: “Sallent free of transphobia, racism, classism and bullying”. The fatal victim had verbalized among his classmates the intention to be identified as Iván, and his friends denounced that other young people called him Ivana. The City Council, which served the families through its social services, denied EL PAÍS to know the minor’s request, and it has not been revealed if the center knew.

The family environment publicly maintains a low profile on the advice of lawyers, but some residents intend to form a transversal platform to “combat discrimination and bullying” in the town, say different sources close to them. At the moment they are about forty people, but they hope that the number will increase as they become known. The association is not formally constituted, but they hope to present themselves officially in a few days and hold a rally to support and remember the twins’ family. The objective of the platform is clear: “If a case of harassment is detected, we will try to help. And we also want to offer advice and support to the parents of students who are victims of bullying”, comments Serafín, one of the members of the platform.

The Department of Education, which initially rejected a context of bullying, is now investigating whether the victims suffered bullying in the middle. Last week the Ministry transferred to the investigating court “all the information collected”, according to the Secretary General of Education, Patrícia Gomà. There are seven “confidential” reports, he argued, carried out by the educational inspectorate, the services inspectorate, the center’s management, the counselor, the tutor, the psycho-pedagogical counseling team and the care unit for victims of violence, in which they also students are given a voice. “The case is very complex,” admitted Gomà.

Required on Monday to update the progress of the investigation, the Department referred to Gomà’s words and assured that it could not report anything else. The Minister of the Interior, Joan Ignasi Elena, also avoided specifying the issue on Tuesday at the press conference after the Consell Executiu: “This issue is under judicial review. I cannot affirm or say if it existed bullying. This has to be determined by the inspection and the judge, not me, ”she said. The event, in any case, has taken the director ahead, who will not continue in the direction of the coming year.

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