March 4, 2024

The Community of Madrid opens this Thursday the application period for the student admission process for Early Childhood, Primary, Special, Compulsory Secondary and Baccalaureate Education for the next academic year. The call for schooling, which will end on the 26th of this month, is aimed at the more than 2,000 educational centers supported with public funds in the region, that is, public and subsidized, among nursery schools, schools and institutes. At the moment, Education does not specify the number of classrooms that the region will have in 2023/24, not even an estimate, because “the supply of places adjusts to the demand of families and the admission process has just begun.” Last year, CC OO denounced the closure of at least 58 second-year Infant classrooms in the region. This course there are 1,239,485 schoolchildren (0.9% more), of which 54.3% go to public centers, 28.9% to subsidized ones, and 16.8% to private ones.

Likewise, Education does not know how many of the centers currently under construction will be finished when the course begins. “We do not have information on the number of infrastructures that start next year, but there are several works underway,” says the spokeswoman, who does not specify how many. At the end of January, the regional government an “ambitious” educational plan with an investment of 130 million euros for a new school, four institutes and five nursery schools, in addition to the expansion of another 23 centers. The Federation of Associations of Fathers and Mothers Francisco Giner de los Ríos assured that it was “neither new nor ambitious”, since according to him he verified, the vast majority of the centers were already underway. On April 5, the Community announced, without deadlines, the construction of a new public institute in Arganda del Rey, the completion of the Jane Goodall institute in the Las Rejas neighborhood of Madrid, the IES Juan Bautista Monegro in Torrejón de Ardoz and the Francisca de Pedraza in Alcalá de Henares, as well as the expansion of the IES María Rodrigo del Ensanche de Vallecas in the capital.

The Community calculates that around 150,000 families will attend this registration process, for which they will be able to present the documentation in person at the center chosen in the first place and, also, online through the website of the Community of Madrid. The forms are available in educational centers and on the Internet portal itself. In the case of the second cycle of Early Childhood, Primary, Special, Compulsory Secondary and Baccalaureate Education, the lists of admitted students will be published on June 7. The enrollment period will be from June 13 to 29 for the second cycle of Infant, Primary and Special, and from June 22 to July 7 for Secondary and Baccalaureate. For its part, in the first cycle of Infant, those admitted will be known on June 14 and registration will be from June 15 to 29.

Three points for multiple birth

For this admission process, the scores that were adapted last year to comply with the state Lomloe (Organic Law of Modification of the LOE) will continue to be applied. Although this law prioritizes proximity to the center of the parents’ residence, the regional government “prevails other circumstances such as having siblings in the same school”. During this school year, about 95% of the families obtained a place for their children in the center chosen as the first option, according to data from Education.

Other grading criteria are also maintained, such as children born from multiple births or belonging to a single-parent family and applicants in foster care, who have three additional points. Twins and twins will be educated together in the same class except in “duly justified” cases, including parents asking to be separated, as established by the Community in the instructions for the start of the course last year. Those of the next academic year will come out in the summer, but it is foreseeable that this criterion will be maintained.

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For their part, those who are victims of gender violence or terrorism will add two points and the unborn child will be considered for the purposes of applying the large family, which already began to be considered last year. In addition, in the case of requesting a place in the Baccalaureate, the student’s academic record will be taken into account. The number of siblings enrolled in the center will continue to be the most valued: 15 points for one who studies at the same school or institute and 30 for two or more. The single schooling area in each municipality or, in the case of Madrid, municipal district, a measure implemented by Esperanza Aguirre, also continues to be applied, and the points awarded to the income of the family unit ―limited to the recipients of the Minimum Insertion Income or Minimum Vital Income―, disability, parents who work in the center, parents or siblings who are former students and those from a large family.

This is the complete scale

– Siblings enrolled in the center: 15 points (one sibling) 30 points (two).
– Home or workplace of the student’s parents or guardians in the same municipality as the requested center: 12 points. In the case of the capital, if there is also the same district: one point.
– Residence or place of work in a different municipality: eight points.
– Parents or legal guardians of the student who are beneficiaries of the aid of the minimum insertion income or the minimum vital income: 12 points.
– Parents or legal guardians of the student who work in the center for which a place is requested: 10 points.
– Large family (counting the conceived) general 10 points, special 11 points.
– Multiple childbirth: three points.
– Single-parent family: three points.
– Family foster care: three points.
– Legally accredited physical, mental or sensory disability of the applicant student, parents, siblings or legal guardians: seven points.
– Victim of gender violence or terrorism: two points.

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