April 18, 2024


Thanks to their small size they are perfect to take on excursions, camping or routes.  GETTY IMAGES.
Thanks to their small size they are perfect to take on excursions, camping or routes. GETTY IMAGES.

The flashlight is a very useful accessory, since it allows you to quickly illuminate an area, both outside and inside. In this sense, they are really effective, especially if you go to the mountains, on excursions or camping, since even if it gets dark you can still enjoy any activity. In addition, pocket flashlights offer another advantage and that is that, being so compact, they can always be carried with you (pockets, keys, backpacks, bags, etc.) or stored in other places, taking up minimal space, such as at home or in the car.

Currently, there are many options to choose from and it is sometimes difficult to know which is the best. Therefore, to make the search easier, below you will find a selection with five types of pocket flashlights from brands such as Ledlenser or Olight, available on Amazon, which stand out for their good value for money and for their different designs.

Ledlenser pocket torch with more than 10,600 reviews

This pocket flashlight has great power, since it has 25 lumens that allow lighting up to 60 meters. In addition, the battery lasts approximately six hours (it works with a AAA battery included in the purchase package).

The frame is made of high-quality aluminum, a material that is highly resistant to impacts and falls for greater durability.

Includes retaining clip

To make it easier to transport this flashlight at the top, it incorporates a fastening clip made of high-strength aluminum that allows it to be adapted to both belts and pockets or backpacks.

package two pocket flashlights

If you are looking for a good light output, this package of two compact-sized flashlights will surprise you, since each of them has 2,000 lumens that illuminate a distance of up to 250 meters.

It incorporates five different modes: high, medium, low, strobe and SOS, the latter is especially useful for emergency situations. It works with three AAA batteries (not included).

water resistant

It stands out that each of these flashlights has an IP65 protection, so they are waterproof. In this way, even if the weather conditions are unfavorable, the lantern will not be damaged.

Set of four pocket torches in different colors

The striking colors of these compact lanterns stand out. Each one of them is made of high-quality and resistant aluminum, and they have 45 lumens of power. In addition, they are very easy to use, since pressing the black button turns them on and off.

At the back they incorporate a ring and a black strap to be able to fasten them on belts or backpacks or carry them by the wrist.

They glow in the dark

Don’t worry if it’s gotten dark and you can’t find the flashlight, as this model incorporates a fluorescent strip that glows in the dark. This way it will be easier to know where they are at all times, even if there is little visibility.

Olight Keychain Flashlight

Very versatile and compact. This is this key ring flashlight that has a perfect size to carry in a pants pocket or even in your hand. In addition, it includes a ring to make its transport more comfortable.

It has a maximum power of 90 lumens that offer a maximum range of 44 meters. It is resistant to falls of up to 1.5 meters in height and the autonomy is 45 minutes.

Different colors

This lantern model is available in different colors such as brown, green with snowflakes, black and green with red spots, so that we can choose according to our tastes.

Hand torch with 900 lumens

This 900 lumen flashlight is highly resistant to both impacts and water. Its structure is non-slip to prevent it from slipping out of the hands and is made of high-quality aluminum.

It illuminates up to 120 meters and has a useful life of 100,000 hours. In addition, the head of the flashlight is specially designed to break glass in an emergency.

With four colors of light

One of the advantages of this flashlight is that it is equipped with four light colors: white, red, green and blue, which can be interchanged to choose the best one based on the needs of the moment.


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