December 10, 2023

We choose for you the best technological 'gadgets' to give away on Father's Day and always get it right.
We choose for you the best technological ‘gadgets’ to give away on Father’s Day and always get it right.freepik

As every March 19, the day of San José, a day is celebrated in many families in which the protagonist is the figure of the father. A date that is used to give free rein to the imagination and try to find the most special gift for our father, grandfather or brother.

A task that is not always easy and in which THE COUNTRY Showcase can help you in the Father’s day. We have chosen ten original ideas with which to always hit a celebration of this nature and that can be purchased on Amazon at affordable prices: many of these accessories cost less than 30 euros and some of them have very notable discounts, up to 70%, on the platform. Headphones, magnetic wristbands, multifunction pens, laser levels or organizers of gadgets with the best finishes. Don’t let them escape you!

magnetic wristband

This is a fantastic idea to give on Father’s Day, especially to those more practical dads who love DIY. It is a magnetic bracelet with a large surface to accommodate screws, nails, nuts or any accessory that can be magnetized. In addition, it includes two pockets of different sizes to store other objects. In addition, this magnetic wristband is made of breathable polyester.

9-in-1 multitool pen

Multifunction gifts are always a resource to take into account when giving something that is out of the norm; As is the case with this pen, which hides up to nine different resources within itself: such as LED light, bottle opener, a mobile phone holder, a touch screen head for the tablet, for example, or even a level. The product includes three ink refills and is sold in both black and yellow.

Gloves with built-in led light

It is an essential accessory to carry out all kinds of repairs at home: from car mechanics, to plumbing, carpentry or any repair that requires us to act in inaccessible places. Both gloves are placed on the index finger and thumb and are very comfortable to use, since they are made of a material that adapts well to the hand. They are charged via USB and have a range of up to 10 hours.

360 degree lamp with telescopic function

This other product fulfills a double function and is one of the most practical gifts that we have chosen from this selection. It is a small flashlight at the end of which a magnet has been incorporated: a feature with which we can pick up any object that falls to the ground or access narrower places thanks to its telescopic structure. Unfolded, the product measures just 18 cm and when unfolded it reaches 57 cm.

Wireless headphones with autonomy of up to 30 hours

In an event like Father’s Day we could not ignore finding cheap and quality headphones. And we have found them. Discounted by 70% on the Amazon platform, they are sold in three colors and their autonomy can be extended up to 30 hours. Its design is curved, so it becomes a very comfortable device to use. In addition, they are ultralight and their Bluetooth connection is very stable.

Mini reading lamp with clips in six colors

This product has 4.7 out of 5 stars on the Amazon platform and is enough to be a star gift on Father’s Day. It is a mini lamp with a support to illuminate the pages of a book or document without the need for additional light. It has five levels of flicker-free adjustable light and three color modes: precise, breeze and amber, the latter for restful reading. Its battery provides up to 80 hours of use at the softest brightness setting.

beanie with speakers

A warm garment that well deserves a place in the wardrobe. This hat comes equipped with a series of speakers with which to listen to our favorite music through a stable Bluetooth connection. They offer high performance and broadcast in stereo quality. It is made of acrylic material, can be washed without problems and has a range of up to 12 hours. It is sold in black.

Plug with USB 6 in 1

Compact size and unquestionable versatility: this square-shaped power strip will keep most of our most common devices in one place. The device weighs less than 300 grams and its popularity lies in the number of USB ports and plugs it has; specifically, six of these shots distributed strategically throughout its surface. In addition, its design is designed to be able to link any charger from all kinds of angles.

Mini arcade console with 250 games

There are gifts that remind us of childhood as soon as we open them, as is the case with old or retro consoles. The one in the image has that emotional component thanks to its arcade design, its compact size and the more than 250 games that can be enjoyed with it. There are different themes, both platforms, sports or puzzles. Its 2.5-inch screen is backlit. It works with three AA batteries.

Automatic wine decanter and aerator

For the most passionate parents about wine, they will love this gift: we are talking about an automatic decanter for wine bottles. It also includes an aeration function to help the wine to be served in the glass with great flavor. Its lithium battery charges in just an hour and a half and will allow us to repeat the process up to 35 times before the next charge.

wireless charger with car mount

It has become an essential accessory in the car due to its versatility and the safety it provides. We are referring to the wireless charger for the car. The one we are highlighting, from the Auckly firm, allows you to charge any mobile up to a maximum amperage of 15 watts and is compatible with 99% of models that equip such a charge.

Height organizer for phone and others gadgets

Order is easier to achieve if we give away gifts like this: an organizer at different heights where the most essential accessories fit, such as glasses, a smartwatch, a wallet or a mobile phone. Although you can choose from several models, all are finished in classic wood, which gives it an elegant and distinguished appearance. Its size is compact: 25x15x19 cm.

Fire Stick with voice control and TV controls

An ideal gift to enjoy the movies or video platforms such as Netflix or Amazon Prime Video from our television (both in the most modern and in the old ones). It is a device that is very easy to install and allows reproduction in streaming fast and with Full HD quality. It is also connected to the Alexa voice assistant to activate different functions by voice. The device is twice as powerful as the one released in 2019.

Laser level with magnetic support

A precise and very easy to use tool, which will become a star product if we choose it on Father’s Day. Because? Because of its great versatility. It will help us in all kinds of DIY and decoration and, with it, we will never hang a picture or a crooked shelf again. It is the best seller in its category on Amazon and is charged by USB.

powerful binoculars

Economic and very decisive. This is how this model of binoculars is for observing nature in detail. From the Slokey brand, the product has positioned itself among the best sellers in its category on Amazon. They are very light binoculars (they only weigh 500 grams), they are made of aluminum. The parameters of quality, sharpness, color representation, brightness or range are much higher given its price.

*All purchase prices included in this article are current as of March 9, 2023.

(Remember that if you are a user of Amazon Prime, all purchases have free shipping costs. Amazon offers a free, no-obligation trial period for 30 days.)

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