February 20, 2024

The size and available space are two declared enemies in many homes.. Above all, in rooms with a lot of movement such as kitchens, there is always a lack of space to keep kitchenware tidy: be it pots, pans, palettes, molds or any other accessory. Therefore, one of the most practical solutions is to make the most of the walls. There are many good organizers at affordable prices with which to free up space on the countertop or, directly, give up some extra furniture. Like those sold on the website Ikea.

The selection that we have prepared in THE COUNTRY Showcase Will not disappoint you. We have divided it between products for hanging cabinets and walls, on the one hand; and on the other, a variety of shelves and shelves of one or several levels with which to gain maximum space by investing just enough. Don’t let them escape you!

Hanging accessories, baskets and organizers

Set of five stainless steel hooks

The most versatile accessory pack in this entire selection: the S-shaped hooks to hang any kitchen utensil from. Finished in stainless steel, they have an exceptional price per unit and can support up to 4 kilograms of weight.

wall rail

A simple accessory that will delight the most tidy people in the house. It is installed very easily and, from it, we can hang towels, pot lids and any kitchen utensil. It looks good in any kitchen as it is finished in stainless steel.

Comb-shaped hook with wall suction cup

Suitable for wet areas (both in the bathroom and in the kitchen), this minimalist accessory will clear leftover cloths and utensils from countertops. Its suction cup, with extra strong adhesion, remains hidden and can be placed on multiple smooth surfaces such as glass, mirrors and tiles. Its grayish green tone provides a modern and peaceful touch wherever we place it.

Cup hanger for cupboards

An accessory that allows you to take advantage of the space in cabinets and under shelves to a great extent. We mean this wine glass hanger. It fits perfectly on most shelves, it only weighs 700 grams and has a depth of 32 centimeters.

Hanging basket for cabinets

With an exceptional price, at EL PAÍS Escaparte we have decided to highlight the larger model. It is a basket that maximizes the space available in the kitchen without the need to damage the wall or add a new shelf. It is very easy to put on and take off as the mounting clips are flexible. In addition, it has the right background to see everything we have saved at a glance.

Kitchen roll holder in two colors

If there is an element that usually goes from here to there in the kitchen, that is the paper roll. To always have it on hand and use it without even handling it, it is very useful to get a roll holder like the one in the image. Compact in size, the structure is made of steel and has an ergonomic shape to prevent the roll from ending up on the ground.

Hanging Bin with Rail Support

For sale in various colors (also in grid format), it has an exceptional quality in its finishes. It looks very elegant and beautiful whether hanging on a rail or on any shelf or windowsill. Its dimensions are 14 x 16 centimeters.

Hanging container with elongated handle

Smaller objects scattered around the kitchen often fall over or, worse still, break if they fall on the floor. To increase the order around us, we can also resort to a container like the one in the image. Available in black, it has the ideal width and depth to store this type of thing. It hangs thanks to the opening created in its handle. It has a capacity of 1.2 liters.

Wall-mounted dish drainer in two colors

On sale in black and in a more nickel tone, this portable dish drainer is an ideal option for freeing up plates, cutlery and cups from the worktop. Although it can be placed on any surface, its design is designed to be hung on the wall. In addition, its tray collects water can be easily disassembled.

Wall-mounted magnetic knife holder

Sometimes less is more. This is a fact that can be seen in storage solutions, such as this minimalist magnetic knife holder. Its thickness is less than 4 cm and does not exceed 40 cm. It is sold in black and is the best accessory to keep blades sharp for longer. Users give it the highest rating.

kitchen organizer with suction cups

And if we do not want to make any drilling in the wall? You can always turn to this organizer prepared to resist humidity and splashes of water. In white, it comes equipped with two height supports and a practical drainer. It can be adjusted in height, between 45 and 65 cm. Its width does not exceed 50 cm.

stainless steel wall grating

Good value for money, this is a very creative idea for anyone who doesn’t have enough counter or cabinet space. With a polished stainless steel surface, the rack is easily attached to any wall and comes in seven heights. With Ikea hooks, we can hang everyday utensils.

Shelves and shelves

Spice rack made of poplar wood

It is a best-selling accessory on the Ikea website and we are not surprised. In addition to freeing up counter space and avoiding clutter in the cabinet, this spice rack is perfect for storing not only spice jars, but also cookbooks. It is very decorative due to its solid poplar wood and provides a very personal touch.

Six compartment hanging storage

Made from a sustainable material, hemp plays a leading role in this accessory. Thanks to its combination with cotton, Ikea has achieved here a different and original storage space, with a very soft and durable fabric. Its six identical holes can house the most used spatulas, spoons and forks between stoves. Supports up to eight kilograms.

single wall shelf

The product can be purchased in three very elegant colors (bamboo, ash and stainless steel). The first two are resistant and easy-to-clean materials; the third of them also maintains its quality over time. Its 60 cm width is enough to include the cups, bowls and small plates that we use the most.

Nordic shelf at two heights

A twist to the cabinets seen in the kitchen. It is a two-height Nordic design bookcase with a light visual aspect and a feeling of greater spaciousness, as it is open both on the sides and on the front. With a width of 80 cm, its height and depth do not exceed 20 cm, so it looks great in any kitchen. It can support up to 7 kg and is sold in white.

Wall shelf with rail and three hooks included

As the culmination of this selection, we have discovered this other, more rustic and elegant shelf, 50 cm wide, and in an ecru color that will match many shades of tiles. It has a rail at the bottom to hang kitchen towels, kitchenware accessories or any other object on its three hooks. It has a ten year guarantee.

*All purchase prices included in this article are current as of April 16, 2023.

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