April 18, 2024


There are people who, when falling asleep, sleep soundly and without interruption throughout the night, but there are others who wake up with any stimulus, such as lights or noise. This can cause insomnia and other more serious problems in the long run. There are solutions to improve sleep, such as meditation, not doing physical activity before bed, avoiding large meals, limiting the consumption of alcoholic beverages and caffeine, etc.

If even so, you usually wake up due to the noises around you, the ear plugs They could be your solution, plus they have become a highly demanded product. Mack’s Ultra Soft Earplugs are top sellers on Amazon and with more than 33,000 customer ratings they will be your favorites. In EL PAÍS Showcase we explain everything about them.

ultra comfortable foam

These earplugs are molded with very low pressure, tapered foam to help you sleep comfortably. With a high Noise Reduction Ratio (NRR) of 33 decibels, this high-performance hearing protection can be used in environments where noise is barely noticeable to environments with above-normal noise levels. Also, thanks to the fact that they block out loud noise, you can focus on activities, such as studying or while working or meditating.

“I usually go to bed very early so there is a lot of noise around me, but with these earplugs I don’t hear anything. Previously, I had earplugs that were so uncomfortable that I would wake up in the middle of the night. But, with these, that doesn’t happen, because they are super comfortable”, comments a user.

Perfect for noisy environments

They are ideal for sleeping, studying, working, traveling, concerts, relaxing, motorcycle riding, loud events, etc. This brand, Mack’s, is made to protect your hearing and sleep well at all times.

This extra soft and comfortable product will not hurt or bother your ears, you will hardly feel that you are wearing them inside. The best thing is that they are flexible to provide extra comfort. Since they do not protrude from your ear, you sleep peacefully on the side you prefer. Earplugs are durable and can be used multiple times and washed with soap and water or wiped clean with a damp cloth. 50 units comeso they will last you a long time.

“I used to go out with headphones, but because of the noise I used to turn up the volume of my music a lot, which can be very harmful to the ears. Then I stopped listening to music and used these earplugs on my journeys. They helped me a lot so I didn’t have to put up with the noise from outside. They offer very good noise reduction, but without being totally isolated from the rest. They are very good at reading quietly and even sleeping. You have to change them when they start to look dirty to avoid any infection in the ears. I highly recommend them”, details Laura Sánchez.

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