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Both in the office and at home, there are numerous cables belonging to all kinds of devices that are usually distributed throughout all the rooms and spaces: computer, television, electrical appliances… And the usual thing is that most of them are visible to everyone, something that It can disturb the order, being even dangerous if there are children or animals nearby. The cable management boxes They are a simple and useful option to conveniently hide them. They are usually made of plastic, wood or bamboo, come with a lid and are a good size, ideal for introducing several cables and a power strip (at least) completely.

What have we looked at to choose these cable organizers?

For this comparison we have chosen five models: D-Line ‎CTUSMLW (with an average score of 8.75 points); Hamma 20661 (8.25); Hemoton ‎C715054746W (7.75); LogiLink KAB0063 (8) and Navaris 58225.24 (7.75). After testing and analyzing them, the following characteristics have been taken into account:

⋅ Design. What material is it made of, and if it is resistant and safe.

⋅ Size. How many cables (and strips) can be put inside the box.

⋅ User experience. If it is easy to insert the cables and how to do it.

⋅ Cleaning. If it is easily cleaned and if dust and dirt also gets inside the box.

Comparison of the best cable organizer boxes

The selected models have been tested with the cables and power strips found in the living room (television) and in the office (with computer) during a minimum of 15 days. The best cable organizer box after the tests carried out is D-Line ‎CTUSMLW. It is made of plastic, it is available in Various colors and different sizes. In the small version (which is the one that has been used during the tests) a power strip with up to four plugs fits and the cables can be inserted very easily thanks to the two rear openings that it has.

D-Line cable management box ‎CTUSMLW: our choice and the best value for money

The winning model of this comparison is marketed in various sizes, however, the one used for the tests is the small one, with measurements of 32.3 x 12.4 x 11 centimeters. with her it is possible hide 2 or 3 cables (not very thick) and a power strip with up to four plugs without a problem.

Oval in design, the D-Line cable management cargo It is made of resistant plastic (ABS) so if it is placed on a table and falls to the ground, it does not break. Inserting the cables inside is very simple: it has two openings on the back through which the cables must be passed. It also has a lid (removable) with a series of holes on the side that function as ventilation. The lid closes with the help of tabs and is difficult to open, so it is ideal if there are small children at home.

Data sheet

  • Dimensions: 32.3 x 12.4 x 11 centimeters.
  • Weight: 400 grams.
  • Materials: ABS plastic.

Although it is the model compact It is true that it takes up a lot of space, especially because of the width and height, therefore, it is best to place it in a place where there is no frequent foot traffic. Also, as it is a single color design, it does not clash with the decoration of a home or office.

It does not have any special hole to anchor it to the wall, for example, and if you insert a power strip with an on and off button, it is a bit difficult to access it (the best thing is through the rear openings). As for cleaning, it is easily cleaned with a dust cloth or dampened with water and the cables that remain inside the box stay clean for a long time.

The best, the worst and conclusions

  • The best: the material, which is resistant, the ease with which the cables are inserted inside and the safety of the lid for children.
  • Worst: If you want to anchor it to the wall, it does not have any special hole, besides it takes up a lot of space.
  • Conclusion: Several cables can be inserted in addition to a power strip and its design is simple, so it does not clash with the decoration.

Hama 20661 cable management box: the alternative

Unlike the winning model, this cable management box is rectangular and somewhat smaller in width (24 x 12.3 x 12 centimeters), so it is only possible to insert a strip with three plugs and several cables. However, it has the ideal size to hide the Wi-Fi router. It is also made of plastic, although somewhat less resistant than the winning box, and it comes with a lid (without a ventilation system).

At the base it has non-slip rubber feet that prevent it from moving (regardless of the place in which it is placed). The openings to insert the cables are on the sides and are quite large, making it very comfortable to insert the cables (or manipulate the power strip).

the lid of the Hama cable management box It closes very well, as long as you don’t get too many cables inside (in that case, it stays ajar). It is very easy to clean and weighs less than 300 grams.

LogiLink cable management box KAB0063

With a similar size to the previous model (23.5 x 11.5 x 12 centimeters), this cable organizer box has similar characteristics: rectangular in shape, made of plastic and with a lid that opens easily (it does not have any tab mechanism that anchor it tightly to the box) while the openings are also on the side.

During the tests, I have included a power strip with three plugs and three not too thick cables that have entered perfectly. What’s more, since the plastic is somewhat softer than the other models, I was able to make a small hole in the front of the box to insert the router cable (leaving the device out).

The LogiLink cable management load KAB0063 It is very easy to clean with a cloth dampened with water.

Hemoton Cable Management Box ‎C715054746W

Unlike the previous models, this box has a lid made of bamboo that makes it more decorative and eye-catching. Likewise, the ventilation of the box is located in the lower part: several rectangular openings to dissipate the heat that are joined to the two side openings through which to introduce the cables (in this case, and if we want to manipulate the power strip that we put in its interior, it is quite complicated because the openings are not very large).

The Hemoton cable management box ‎It measures 30 centimeters long while 11 cm wide and high, so it is possible to fit a power strip with four plugs and two or three cables. It is made of ABS plastic so it is quite resistant to a possible fall.

The lid closes correctly, although it does not have a security system that fixes it to the box, so some care must be taken if there are children or animals at home. As for cleaning, by having more holes in the base of the box, dust enters more easily between the cables and power strips.

Cable management box Navaris 58225.24

This box is the largest of the entire comparison (39.4 x 16 x 16 centimeters), so you can insert a larger power strip (up to five plugs have been included in the tests) and several cables (they have quite height too). However, these measures mean that it also takes up a lot of space in the place where it is placed.

The Navaris cable management box It is made of bamboo (quite thick) and only has two side openings (quite small) and a magnetic lid (it has a couple of magnets so it closes easily), however it has no ventilation holes.

It is an eye-catching design that attracts the eyes of visitors, so if it is not hidden, people often open it to see what is inside. Dust does not easily enter the cables so they stay clean for a long time.

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