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Riding a bicycle has become an activity loved by many people, either to get around the city or as a sport. According to the Bicycle Barometer in Spain 2022, more than 11 million Spaniards use the bicycle weekly and six million use it to travel for work or studies. However, to make safe use of it, different aspects must be taken into account, such as the maintenance of the parts or the condition of the wheels. For the latter, the electric inflators they are of great help.

With them, a tire can be inflated in a matter of seconds and without any effort. They generally work in a very simple way: the air hose is placed in the wheel valve, a pressure is indicated (the one recommended according to the bicycle model) and it starts working automatically. Once inflated, the device turns off.

What models have we chosen?

For this comparison we have chosen five models of electric inflators for bicycles: Bosch EasyPump (with an average score of 7 points); CYCPLUS 150 (6,5); FOWAWU (8.25); Woowind LP1 (7,5) and Xiaomi Portable Electric Air Compressor 1S (9). To test and evaluate them, the following characteristics have been taken into account:

⋅ Size and weight. If it is possible to transport it comfortably in a backpack, store it without taking up too much space, if it is foldable…

⋅ Inflation time. How fast do you inflate the tires?

⋅ Battery. How long can it be used without charging.

⋅ Other elements. If it has more noteworthy and useful features, such as LED lights, different inflation modes, if they are adaptable to car or motorcycle wheels…

Comparison of the best electric inflators for bicycles: this is how we have tested them

The models of electric inflators selected in this comparison have been tested with a low-medium range bicycle with which short stretches through the city and a long route through the mountains have been covered in a period of 15 days. In all cases, before starting the air filling process, we have completely emptied the wheels, in such a way that we have verified how long it takes for them to be ready for use again: the manufacturer recommends a pressure of approximately two bars for each wheel.

The best bicycle inflator after the tests carried out is the Xiaomi Portable Electric Air Compressor 1S. With a compact design and one battery with good autonomy (2,000 mAh), inflates both wheels of a bicycle in less than half a minute. The five inflation modes it has are also very comfortable (for bike, motorcycle, car, balloon or manual), since it indicates the pressure determined for each of them.

Xiaomi Portable Electric Air Compressor 1S Electric Bicycle Inflator: our pick and best value for money

The winning model of this comparison is compact and resistant and it weighs less than half a kilo, so it can be carried in a backpack without problems. The box comes with the inflator, a manuala cloth bag to transport it and two valve adapters (needle and Presta, which is threaded). The device, with holes on the sides to dissipate heat, comes pre-charged, so the first time it is turned on, it is ready to use.

He Xiaomi Portable Electir Air Compressor 1S Electric Bicycle Inflator It has a small screen and a button panel at the bottom with which the modes of use are selected: bici, motorcycle, car, ball or manual. The interesting thing about this is that each of the modes already comes with a predetermined pressure (for example, in the case of the bicycle it is indicated 45 psi). However, in each one of them you can decrease or increase the pressure on the button panel itself.

Data sheet

  • Dimensions and weight: 12.4 x 7.1 x 4.53 cm. 480 grams.
  • Materials: Plastic.
  • Battery: lithium.
  • Autonomy: 2,000mAh.
  • Operating temperature (load): from 0 to 45 degrees.

Afterwards, all you have to do is place the air hose on the valve of the bike wheel. The current pressure of the tire will appear on the screen and, after pressing the center button, it begins to inflate until it reaches the desired point. In a matter of 20 seconds it inflates each of the wheels, then turning off automatically.

Quite noisy (more than 75 dB), its battery has a capacity of 2,000 mAh, enough to inflate them several times. Then it takes about three hours to fully charge. It has a universal input type C, so it can be charged with a USB adapter but also in the car or with an external battery. Of course, it cannot be used at the same time.

Among other elements to highlight, the device has a LED light on top that is activated on the keypad and that lights up red when the battery is low and is very comfortable to use in the dark.

The best, the worst and conclusions

  • The best: It is very easy to use thanks to the preset modes, it inflates very quickly, it is compact and the battery lasts a long time.
  • Worst: It makes quite a bit of noise and the air hose is a little short so you need to hold it so you don’t leave it up in the air while you inflate the wheels.
  • Conclusion: Although it is quite noisy, it inflates different types of tires in a matter of seconds. It is also very easy to use and transport.

FOWAWU Electric Bicycle Pump: The Alternative

It is bigger (especially in length, 25.2 x 5.5 x 5.5 centimeters) and heavier (600 grams) than the winner of the comparison. In addition to the inflator, rectangular in shape, the box comes with a bag to transport it, the instruction manualyes, various valve adapters and two wires (one type C and another, longer than 3.5 meters, to be able to connect it to the car cigarette lighter). Before the first use it must be charged, since the inflator comes unloaded.

With LCD screen and keypad, it offers four inflation modes preset: for bicycle, car, motorbike and ball; and a maximum pressure of 150 psi. The air hose is 45 centimeters, so it is very comfortable to inflate the wheels. With automatic stop, the inflation time is somewhat longer than with the Xiaomi model in case of using it with a bicycle; with car tires it takes much longer. It also makes quite a bit of noise.

Regarding the battery, the Fowawu Electric Bicycle Inflator It has a capacity of 6,000 mAh, so it offers great autonomy. The inflator has a USB Type-C input for charging and a 5V/2A 10W USB output to also use it as a power bank for other devices. Includes a led light to see in the dark with a plus: it has three modes: constant, flashing or SOS.

Woowind LP1 Electric Bicycle Inflator

With a similar number of accessories as the other models (several valve adapters, transport bag, instruction manual and a type C cable), it has a larger LCD screen than the other inflators in the comparison; however, you don’t see the digits very well when there is a lot of light. With digital manometermeasures the pressure of the wheels or tires in real time.

When inflating it makes noise, but it is less annoying than the other models tested. With a full charge of the battery (2,000 mAh) it inflates all four wheels of the bicycle in a few minutes, however, the hose is short, which makes it difficult to use.

The Woowind LP1 Electric Bicycle Pump It also has an LED light and four preset pressure modes. It can be carried on top of the bike as it fits perfectly in the bottle cage.

Bosch EasyPump electric bicycle pump

With a somewhat different design from the rest of the models, this inflator is small and light, so it is very comfortable to wear on top. It has a small digital screen and a button panel with which to adjust the pressure level (it also offers the option of selecting the preset ones and has three types: psi, bar, kPa).

All the adapters that come for the different types of valves can be stored in the same device, since it has a cover at the bottom that slides open. As a noteworthy fact, it includes another brand adapter that is placed between the hose and tip chosen that allows the tires to be inflated without losing any air.

The hose measures 24 centimeters so while the wheels are inflated you have to be crouched down holding the device. To put it into operation you just have to press the big red button.

The inflation process of the two wheels of a bicycle can take up to two minutes (the time depends on whether they are very deflated). For its part, the 3,000 mAh battery offers good autonomy, although during the tests I had to charge it once (it takes an hour and a half to fully charge). He Bosch EasyPump electric bicycle pump It also has an automatic shutdown.

CYCPLUS 150 Electric Bicycle Inflator

To use it for the first time, it must be fully charged; a process that is done via USB. It uses a green light that warns when it is fully charged. Slightly larger than a soda can, it is advisable to carry it in a backpack or in the bottle cage, not in the jersey or jacket, since in a pocket it would not be well protected. It also comes with a cloth bag to store it and different adapters.

He Cycplus 150 electric bicycle pump It is the simplest of all the models in the comparison, since you just have to dial the desired pressure (it has four buttons and a small screen), connect the hose to the valve and start the process. turns off automatically. In case of inflating two fully deflated tires, the device consumes more than half of the battery. It doesn’t make too much noise and it has a light next to the hose that illuminates the area perfectly.

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