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We test and rate the best cheap led flashlights on the market.
We test and rate the best cheap led flashlights on the market.

To go camping, take night walks or illuminate the house during a blackout: flashlights are an ideal device to have light in the dark. Although they have been used for years, there are currently much more versatile models such as LED flashlights. By using this type of diode, its useful life is longer and his lower energy consumption.

In addition, some of them have a rechargeable battery via USB, so they are less polluting than those that use batteries. These types of flashlights are also characterized by offering a small size that makes them much more transportable, so it is very comfortable to carry them in a backpack or pocket.

What models have we selected?

With a maximum budget of 30 eurosthe models that have participated in this comparison are: Shadowhawk S9322 (9), Deilin LED Flashlight (8), Kaisi LED headlamp (7.75), Letour Cob lantern (7.25) and VARTA Day Light 16632101421 (6.25). When analyzing and evaluating them, the following aspects have been taken into account:

⋅ Design: all have in common a waterproof design characterized by easy handling and light weight. However, differences are perceived in terms of construction qualities and finishes.

⋅ Autonomy: Like other portable electronic devices, they incorporate a battery or run on batteries. Ideally, their autonomy should be as great as possible. As an extra feature, the included USB charging port is also used to recharge, for example, the mobile phone battery. This is what is known as a function power bank.

⋅ Lighting: What is this lighting like? Is it possible to choose between various light powers? Does it have a single color of light or can you choose between several colors?

⋅ Usage experience: if the flashlight meets our needs and how many modes of use it allows, for example, incorporating an emergency light.

Comparison of the best LED flashlights: this is how we have tested them

We have chosen the night to test these LED flashlights for sale in Amazon. Specifically, we have used them in different places away from any light source such as streetlights, as well as inside the house with all the lighting turned off. This has allowed us check its manageability and how they perform when focusingif your light output is adequatehe light range that they project…

With an outstanding rating, the Shadowhawk S9322 has received the highest rating. This is because it is the model that provides the most light, in addition to having several modes to use according to the needs and your good water resistance and to the blows.

Shadowhawk S9322 led flashlight: our pick

Equipped with 12,000 lumens, waterproof, with battery level indicator, anti-accidental ignition switch… are some of the most outstanding features of this powerful LED flashlight. Have a classic design, with a non-slip handle for a better grip, a power button in the middle and the lens on the front. Dispose of five light levels: High, Medium, Low, Strobe and SOS (emergency) to adapt to the light needs of the user.

His halo light is very powerful since it can reach reach up to a kilometer away and, when used indoors, it is capable of fully illuminating a room. In addition, its light is quite bright thanks to the XHP70.2 LED chip it is equipped with, which guarantees ten times brighter brightness than any other LED flashlight.

Data sheet

  • Lighting modes: five.
  • Lighting power: up to 12,000 lumens.
  • Range and Battery: up to 1,000 meters (according to manufacturer); 5,000mAh.
  • Dimensions and weight: ‎21.5 x 9 x 4.5cm; 350 grams.
  • Others: IPS7 certification, USB and Type C cable, battery level indicator, aluminum alloy, lanyard.

To light the Shadowhawk S9322 led flashlight You have to keep your switch pressed for three seconds and to change modes press this same button several times. It also has a zoom function to illuminate objects that are at a long distance through two functions of concentrated light in a fixed point or flood, if you want to illuminate a larger field of vision.

Have a degree of protection of IP67which translates to what is completely waterproofboth when used in the rain or when it is inserted into, for example, a river, and since it is made of an aerospace-grade aluminum alloy, it resists falls of up to five meters.

As for his batteryuse a rechargeable from 21,700 to 5,000 mAh that is charged through a type C charger. At this point it should be noted that if the flashlight’s power is at maximum, it can serve as power bank of emergency to charge other devices such as the mobile through a USB port, something really useful to avoid running out of battery in the middle of the field.

The charge level is indicated by an LED indicator and according to the manufacturer it has a range of about eight hours, although it lasts much less. Also, it is advisable to prevent the battery from being completely discharged because it can be damaged and stop working.

The best, the worst and conclusions

  • The best: its great luminosity, range and lighting modes.
  • Worst: that you do not have a spare battery.
  • Conclusions: a very powerful LED flashlight that has several lighting modes and a wide range.

Kaisi LED Headlamp: the alternative

The first thing that catches the attention of this flashlight is its design: unlike the other models, it is a headlamp to place on your head and illuminate what is in front of you without having to keep your hands busy. It is quite useful to use in excursions through the countryside, in a night session of running or even to repair the car or some object that is not well lit.

The Kaisi led headlamp is composed of a adjustable headband that fits comfortably on the head and is complemented by a headlight and a COB LED bar (packages of multiple LEDs that are combined into a single lighting module). Has a power of 1,200 lumensa lighting range of 200 meters and has six modes of use (three for the front and three for the LED strip).

In addition, it is also possible to choose a emergency flashing light function. The angle of the front can be adjusted 90º up or down and 270º to the sides, to project the beam of light towards the desired place.

To turn it on, it has a switch button that you have to hold down for a few seconds and another that activates a motion sensor to activate the light by passing your hand by its side. This model is also waterproofwith IPX4 degree, so it can be used in the rain and in humid environments.

His battery it is integrated into one side of the headband, which makes it a bit heavy if worn for a long time. this one has a 2,000mAh capacity and is loaded through a type c charger including. Supposedly the battery level depends on the light mode used, and can last up to ten hours with the lowest mode, although the reality is that the battery wears out sooner.

Deilin led flashlight: the one for best value for money

10,000 lumens capacity, 5 light modes, zoom function… These are the main characteristics of this model, which presents a simple and light design (440 grams). To put it into use, you have to press the power button once and pressing it repeatedly cycles through the different modes: high, medium, low, strobe and SOS. To turn off, just press it once more.

The Deilin led flashlight It has a good illumination capacity and a considerable range of approximately 200 meters. In addition, with its zoom function it is possible to choose between flood light to illuminate a surface or stand out to do it in a specific area.

It works both with a rechargeable battery that is included with the flashlight and with triple A batteries. To charge it, it has a slot for a type C charger and thanks to a system of LED lights it is possible to check the percentage of battery that it has left. As for its performance, it is quite durable because after two days using the flashlight for a long time to check this feature, the 25% available battery indicator came on.

Like the other models it is waterproof. In this case, it has an IPX4 resistance, designed to be used in the rain. It is also quite resistantwith the ability to withstand drops of up to five meters and, in addition, it is possible to use it as an emergency hammer. This is because it has a strong aluminum alloy head which is capable of breaking glass with a sharp blow.

Letour Cob led flashlight

The first thing that draws attention to this model is its design: it is a LED Flashlight integrated into a key ring through a carabiner. It has a very small size and only weighs 50 grams, which makes it very easy to transport and useful for use during camping, being able to hang it from the tent, or when repairing something, fixing it on a hitch.

The Letour Cob led flashlight has 1,000 lumens, so its power is much lower than that of the rest of the previous models. Even so, it can be used as an auxiliary light that illuminates small rooms. Has seven lighting modes: red light, warm light, cob high mode, cob low mode and cob strobe mode. To change the light, you just have to press the red button located on one of its sides.

Has folding function up to 180º to adapt its angle to taste when placing it in a place and its built-in internal battery is recharged via USB. Is raincoat and another of its differentiating characteristics is that next to the carabiner located at the top of the lantern there is also a bottle opener, ideal for use in the field or at a barbecue.

VARTA Day Light 16632101421

The led lantern Warta Day Light has a classic design– A rubber coated handle with a grip strap for easy carrying with a 40 lumen LED light source on top. Have a imper and an approximate range of about 30 meters, so it is a very simple model designed to be used as an auxiliary flashlight at home or for children’s use.

Although it has a very low price, the materials with which it is made (stainless steel, rubber and plastic) make it resistant to shocks, although we recommend not exposing it to falls from a long distance. According to the manufacturer it is waterproofbut it does not have an IPX indicator, so it is better not to use too much in humid environments to avoid possible damage to its operation.

It works with double A batteries that are included in the package and that guarantee a good autonomysince it is designed to be used at specific times and not very continuously.

*All purchase prices included in this article are current as of March 22, 2023.

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