April 19, 2024


Go for wool and get sheared. The wise Spanish proverb could well summarize what has happened to the youtuber Borja Escalona. On Tuesday, the digital content creator was in Vigo making a live video of him through social networks when he decided to enter A tapa do barrel, a place in the Galician capital famous for its pasties. “Lucía, the site is wonderful, I’m going to continue teaching more,” Escalona told the employee, whose real name is Rebeca, who then asked her to pay for the drink.

In the video that has been broadcast, Escalona answers the local worker, with an attitude of astonishment as well as cocky, that he only eats in free places. “Wait because we are in trouble; because then I have to charge you for this promotion that we just did ”, the man replies. youtuber, to which the employee replies that she should talk to her boss because she cannot decide on that issue. “It’s going to be a tad more expensive for you,” Escalona snaps at him sardonically. “You will receive an invoice for the promotion that I just did, which is 2,500 euros,” the creator threatens the employee, after having encouraged his followers not to post negative reviews to the establishment to achieve the opposite effect. .

“You can have a negative review because one day things go wrong for you or because not everyone likes the same things. With education, everyone can do what they want”, explained the owner of the premises, Ana Terzado, to the newspaper Vigo lighthouse. The owner of A tapa do Barril, after seeing that her establishment received a flood of reviews on Google on Tuesday night, realized that something was wrong: the same day Borja Escalona visited, a multitude of evaluations had arrived from a star who claimed to have found hair in the food or even scouring pads.

Given the uncomfortable situation, the owners of the premises were forced to issue a statement through their Instagram profile one day after the “very unpleasant incident”, as they themselves described it: “Yesterday, at our Porta do Sol premises, We experienced a very unpleasant incident that has compromised our brand image, one of our workers and, therefore, the entire team that is part of A Tapa do Barril”, can be read in the publication.

In addition to giving their version of the facts, the owners of the premises express their gratitude for all the expressions of affection and defend the worker who attended the youtuber. “From here, we want to thank all the messages of affection that we are receiving and also warn about the use that certain people are spreading through social networks: messages and speeches from hate and violence, from disrespect and ‘anything goes’ because of the click”, continues the statement. ”we We are clear about it, with networks or without networks, we will continue for another 50 years, doing what we know how to do: work, work and work”, the message concluded.⁣

After the video and the rain of bad reviews went viral, a wave of support for the worker and the owners of A tapa do barrel has been unleashed on social networks, who have defended the attitude of their employee. “The best dumplings in all of Vigo. Its price is worth it”, is one of the more than 21,500 reviews that the establishment already has, with an average score of 4.9 on Google.

But this controversy is not the first that Borja Escalona has starred in. In the last week, the youtuber He has boasted on his social networks of having sneaked into several football stadiums, all in northern Spain. So far, on his YouTube channel -with 34,700 subscribers- he has shown how he has entered without permission in Balaídos (Celta de Vigo), Riazor (Deportivo de la Coruña), San Mamés (Athletic Bilbao), Reale Arena (Real Sociedad ) and El Sardinero (Racing Santander).

In addition to this latest controversy, in March 2021 Escalona was arrested at Madrid’s Puerta del Sol for assaulting a woman with a razor. He youtuber He made a recording for his channel in which he walked around threatening passers-by. One of them dropped the razor on the ground, causing it to break. After insisting that he should pay for the object, Escalona ran after the man who had thrown the device at him and threw it at him. The razor ended up impacting the face of a woman who was passing by and who had to be transferred to the Gregorio Marañón hospital in Madrid with a possible broken nose.

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