December 6, 2023

One of the best plans when we are on vacation or on a sunny weekend is to spend the day at the pool, whether with family, friends or a partner. But how can you have a good day at the pool without a good float? That’s right, the floats have become those essential elements to be able to lie down in the pool while sunbathing. They are also very striking and fun, you can find them in the form of animals, food, electrical appliances, etc., they are great fun for young and old. Today we are going to introduce you to the five pool floats that are sweeping sales on Amazon. Check our list and take your favorite!

4 in 1 float

If you are looking for a professional pool float that you can convert into different shapes, the Aqua Monterey Hammock and Float will be your favorite. This float that It has dimensions of 137 cm x 70 cm, it can be converted into 4 different shapes; hammock, drifter, chair and exercise chair. It is made with a high quality fabric that guarantees comfort and freshness at all times. On the other hand, it is a very easy float to install and inflate, it has a locking inflation function to make it much easier to transport. It is a float recommended for people over 15 years of age, perfect for adults who want to enjoy themselves comfortably in the pool.

Jasonwell Inflatable Pool

This is a fun unicorn-shaped pool inflatable, it has some measures approximately 289 cm x 139 cm x 119 cm and can support up to two people, an approximate weight of 181 kg. This unicorn float is made with high-quality materials, so young and old can enjoy it safely. It has large valves, which makes it easier to inflate faster, even faster than other inflatables for the pool. On the other hand, it is a perfect float for travel, once deflated it can be stored in a practical bag, which you can easily transport wherever you want.

Avocado shaped pool float

Avocado fans will appreciate this float that has a fun design, has some dimensions of 165 cm x 124 cm x 25 cm, when fully inflated. This float includes a brown ball, with this ball you can play and have fun with the little ones in the pool. On hot summer days, this float will become the center of attention in the pool, everyone will want to get on it. It is very safe, it is made of resistant materials and its design is ideal to be able to lie down while sunbathing. Thanks to its design it is very easy to inflate and deflate, so you can take it everywhere in a practical and simple way.

Intex Kiddie Children’s Float

If you are looking for a specific and fun float for the little ones in the house, the Intex Kiddie float is what you need. It has dimensions when fully inflated of 36″ x 26″ Approximately, it has two air chambers, and it comes in a mostly blue color, with fun designs on its surface. On the other hand, it has comfortable leg holes for children and a fun inflatable umbrella. Also includes three fair game balls on the front bar, one rattle ball, and two plastic balls.

Inflatable pool for babies

Do you want your baby to be safe but also enjoy the pool? You have to see this float, It is one of Amazon’s best sellers in its category. This float will help parents feel calmer with their babies in the pool, they have a large circumference, double inflation chamber and specific safety valves for the little ones. Thanks to its design, the baby will be able to sit in a safe and comfortable mesh, and will also have freedom in their legs, they will be able to move them as they please, enjoying and feeling the water. So that the sun does not harm the baby’s skin, this inflatable for the pool comes with a removable canopy, which you can easily put on and take off.

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