April 20, 2024


Back problems are the third most common chronic disease among Spaniards. If you plan to travel by car these holidays, better prevent and ensure a few days without pain due to bad posture. Just like the mirrors are readjusted before starting the journey, it doesn’t take long to remember the seven steps that the physiotherapist Edith Perdiguero offers you in the video that accompanies this news item to achieve the ideal posture in the car.

We are relatively used to maintaining good postural hygiene at work, especially if we work sitting in front of a computer, but this awareness of keeping our back, shoulders, arms and wrists healthy and in a good position should also be transmitted to the car. How many times do we get into our vehicle and do not adequately condition the seat or the rear-view mirror, causing us to maintain a too forced posture in the end? If in other aspects of our day to day we seek comfort, why not here?


Realization: Luis Almodovar

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