April 18, 2024


We’re not big fans of western nor rich people from the polo club, one of those who have a horse instead of a yacht, but the lack of ideas for children’s weekend entertainment has led us to try pony rides. Surely a short time from your home you will find an open horse riding school that accepts children’s visitors without the need to subscribe to annual classes and thus allows you to have a new family plan that is quite successful for children from the age of three.

Maybe before you go, the same thing happens to me and you think about Christopher Reeve falling off his horse and becoming a quadriplegic forever. If a horse could beat Superman, maybe a priori It is not the safest thing for boys and girls. But although it is obvious, horses are one thing and ponies, another. Due to character and height, although the animal rears up and gets a little angry, in the worst case, the fall is minimal. That happened to a girl who was ahead of her: the animal stopped to scratch itself and the girl scratched the ground. The scare was not removed, but there was no physical damage and they even returned the money.

The ride is usually relatively cheap, around six euros per hour. Counting that your children do not ask you for popcorn or soft drinks because they have to have their hands on the chair, it is cheaper than going to the movies. And by the way you walk carrying the reins, while you sunbathe and burn calories to be more hungry for the after-ponyin the typical restaurant with grilled meats that is always close to the horse riding (which, make no mistake, is the great motivation for most parents).

There are several benefits of riding a pony: it is a playful and empathetic approach to an animal that they can pet, with which they end up having an emotional bond after talking to it for a while and drive it in his own way, and that is always good for his state of mind.

Actress Scarlett Johansson plays Grace MacLean in 'The Horse Whisperer'.
Actress Scarlett Johansson plays Grace MacLean in ‘The Horse Whisperer’.

In addition, it is a time to slow down the energetic rhythm of Sunday children and keep them upright, still and focused on their mount, gaining more control and confidence as they trot and, incidentally, if the ride goes well, as expected, They will overcome nerves and fears of facing a new activity, gaining more confidence.

Of course, they will also comment that it smells bad, they will point out all the dung on the road and, if the children go with siblings or friends, they will fight to choose the same animal or the helmet of a certain color, there being plenty of variety.

But wow, it makes up for a lot. The worst thing is that, later, instead of asking you for a dog as a pet, they want a pony at home.

*Martín Piñol is the author of 33 books. His children’s series ‘The Monster Kitchen’ has been published in several countries. His latest novel is ‘The club of shadows’.

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