March 4, 2024

One of the biggest problems that arise on a daily basis without us paying more attention to it is dehydration. Drinking water is a habit recommended by any doctor to keep our body hydrated, especially when performing highly demanding physical activities. It is important to drink water wisely, it is not about drinking a lot of water in the morning and not doing it again until at night, it is about distributing our intake of this liquid throughout the day. To make your job easier, today at Escaparate we want to recommend this bottle of water that tells you how often you should drink. Keep reading and find out all the features of this bottle that is sweeping Amazon Mexico.

Hisemy Water Bottle

This is an ideal water bottle for all people who go to the gym, it has a capacity of 2.2 liters, and its manufacturing materials are of high quality and free of any type of toxic substance. It is a water bottle that has a practical and fun time indicator, which serves to remember how much water should be drunk as the hours of the day have passed. On the other hand, it has a modern and elegant design, so you can take it everywhere and be the center of attention. It is one of the best alternatives to take your water or any other type of liquid to your workouts, walks, trips, etc.

Design and practicality in the same bottle

With this water bottle, hydration will be much easier and more fun, all thanks to its practical indicator, where you will be able to know how much water you should drink from time to time. It is made for both men and women, its design is quite modern and you can choose between four different styles, so that you can choose the one that best suits your style. One of its advantages is that thanks to its manufacturing materials, it is a very light bottle, which is easy to lift, even when it is full, so it will become a ideal companion for long trips, it is very easy to transport.

Motivational Timestamps

On many occasions, although we know how important it is to drink water for our body, we forget or are simply too lazy to do so. With this water bottle that is succeeding on Amazon everything will be much more fun and inspiring, Features motivational quotes and time stamps. With these appointments and stamps, the daily use of water is measured and also serves as a reminder to keep us hydrated throughout the day. This is an ideal bottle for your weight loss process, or for appetite control, it will help you know in an easy and practical way how much liquid you should have taken depending on the time of day.

The ideal size for all day

One of the biggest drawbacks to drinking water on a daily basis is having to fill a glass from time to time, or getting up to fill a normal bottle. With the bottle of water that we recommend today this will not happen to you, It has a capacity of more than two liters, so you can distribute the liquid intake throughout the day, all thanks to their stamps and motivational quotes. Despite being a water bottle with a good capacity, it is very easy to handle and you can hold it without any problem in your hand. It will become the ideal water bottle for your long training sessions in the gym or outdoors, or for those beautiful days when you want to have a picnic with your friends.

Very secure, leak proof

With this water bottle you can feel free, comfortable and safe all the time, Features a leak-proof lid, which has a locking system that guarantees great security. On the other hand, you will be able to open the lid with one hand, you will not need to juggle or fully lift the bottle. When the time comes to drink your favorite liquid, everything will be more comfortable, it has a special straw, with which you will not have any problem of uncomfortable and annoying drips. Finally, it is made with high-quality tritan, a 100% ecological material that is non-toxic and totally BPA-free. This bottle will be your perfect ally for almost any situation, you will stay hydrated, remembering the amount of water you should drink from time to time, and making everything more practical, fun and motivational.

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