March 4, 2024

When we go to the beach or the pool we want to take our cell phone with us to take pictures and videos and remember every moment we live. The problem is that we need to protect our cell phone, because it runs the risk of getting wet, filled with sand or dust and stop working. Fortunately, there are products that protect our device while we do all kinds of water activities or in environments that can harm the life of the phone.

That is why, in EL PAÍS Showcase we have found the package of waterproof cell phone cases Amazon Mexico favorites, with an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars.

sensitive touch

With these waterproof cell phone cases, a pack of two units, you will protect your cell phone from any water accident, especially if you are on vacation. So you can easily take it to the beach or the pool and you will be in communication at all times. They are made of a high-quality TPU material that responds to a sensitive touch to facilitate its use without having to remove it from the case every time you need to use the cell phone. Ensures normal use of the touch screen, camera and other functions under water (fingerprint unlock is supported).

“They are very useful and versatile, they take photos acceptably and allow good facial recognition. It is important to remove the air before closing so that the plastic film adheres to the screen completely. None of the four pieces I bought got water. I use them in swimming pools, in the sea, snorkeling, in a freshwater lagoon and they work very well. I do recommend them”, details a user.


The covers are waterproof, as they have an excellent system of IPX8 waterproof closure, to offer you complete protection for devices in different environments. The maximum depth for which the protection works is 30 meters.

It has clear windows on both the front and back, perfect for taking photos, making videos, and chatting. The portable lanyard and bracelet can be hung on the neck and shoulder. It is compatible with most cell phones up to 7 inches.

“It is a very good product. I took it to the beach and not a drop of water entered it and the cover does not lower the quality of the photo. Its straps are functional. I highly recommend it”, says Lili.

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