December 10, 2023

We all like to enjoy an afternoon with friends or family enjoying a delicious roast meal, as it is a great way to live together, have a good time and relax on a weekend after a long week of work. To prepare food we need various utensils and tools to help us cook and to bring out the flavor of the dishes. If you already have your portable barbecue, but you continue to use the normal accessories in your kitchen that have already been worn out by the charcoal, at EL PAÍS Showcase we recommend you change for the Cuisinart grill utensils bestseller on Amazon, with an average score of 4.6 out of 5 stars. You find them in 14 or 20 pieces. The set of 14 is 50% off.

Stainless steel

To grill correctly and faster, we need certain utensils that are ideal for handling the grill and food. Therefore, these utensils are perfect for cooking, as they are made with a stainless steel structure long-lasting, with elongated handles and rings for comfortable use.

“I compared them with others of lower value that contain more attachments, but this one seemed to be of better quality. I was not wrong. The utensils are strong and durable,” comments an Amazon user.

For his part, user Edgar points out that the utensils are perfect. “excellent quality, good size, practical and durable. They are at a great price and their case is ideal”.

Set of 20 or 14 pieces

The grill set includes a chef’s spatula, grill tongs, silicone basting brush, four pairs of corn holders, cleaning brush and extra brush head. It also includes a aluminum case, lined inside and with a place for each tool, with secure bands that keep them in place. It is a great choice for travel, camping, gatherings, etc.

“I loved it. She imagined him smaller. The utensils are great and are of good quality. The case gives it a better presentation, in addition, they keep well”, says David Hernández.

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