March 4, 2024

These covers allow you to shower in complete comfort, preventing the cast from getting wet.
These covers allow you to shower in complete comfort, preventing the cast from getting wet.

Bandages and casts must be taken care of and protected above all from water and humidity, otherwise they could be damaged. A solution to shower with complete peace of mind and without the risk of water entering our cast or bandage are waterproof protective covers. These adapt perfectly to both legs and arms, offering a hermetic seal that adheres to the skin to prevent water or humidity from entering.

There are models designed for both children and adults and are available in different formats and sizes to be able to choose according to needs. And, to make the search easier, below you will find a selection with five options of waterproof covers, available on Amazon, that guarantee a hermetic seal.

Protective cover for children

This protective sleeve for the arm is waterproof, so it will prevent bandages and casts from getting wet. The size is designed for boys and girls and is available in four sizes: XS, S, M and L.

It can be fully submerged for comfort and features a mitten-shaped design to better fit the hand.

hermetic sealing

Enjoy a shower or a dip in the pool without the risk of getting water on your bandage or cast with this waterproof cover, as it offers an airtight seal.

Protective cover for adults

Very comfortable and easy to use. So is this protective cast cover designed especially for adults. It stretches effortlessly to accommodate the body.

It has a hermetic design that fits perfectly to the skin. It is available for both half arm and full arm.


One of the advantages of this protective cover is that it can be reused as many times as we want. It is made of resistant and waterproof materials for a longer duration.

Waterproof cast cover, various models

This cast cover is very light and resistant, since it is made of high quality silicone. It is perfect to use when showering or for other outdoor activities.

It is available in different models: for the ankle, the leg, the hand, etc. and in different sizes to be able to choose according to the needs.

easy removal

It has an elastic rubber seal with a pull tab, which is very easy to use. Thus, this mechanism effectively blocks the entry of water and moisture.

Waterproof cover for half leg

If you are looking for a waterproof cover for your cast or bandage that offers maximum sealing, this option is perfect for you. This particular model is for a half leg, but it is also available for a full leg.

It has a very easy to put on and take off design that also adapts perfectly to the skin, sticking tight and preventing the entry of water.

soft and flexible

Being made of rubber, these protective covers are flexible and very soft. In addition, thanks to its hermetic seal, they can be completely submerged without water entering.

Cast protector, various sizes

This leg cover is 100% waterproof, so you can shower with complete peace of mind without the risk of your bandage or cast getting wet.

It is made of high quality and resistance silicone and has a completely hermetic seal. It includes a stretchable center hole and suitable for the leg circumference of 19 to 52 centimeters.


The base of this protective leg sleeve features a non-slip design to prevent potential slips and falls. In this way, you can shower with greater comfort and tranquility.

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