April 22, 2024


An accessory with which to prepare an infinite number of dishes.  LIDL.
An accessory with which to prepare an infinite number of dishes. LIDL.

If you are looking for an all-in-one cutter, you will love this option from Lidl. It is a multifunction cutter that includes 13 different pieces so that you can create an infinite number of recipes in a simple way. Thus, you will be able to cut fruit, vegetables and vegetables in different sizes thanks to the blades of different dimensions that this batch incorporates.

Undoubtedly an accessory that cannot be missing in your kitchen due to its compact size, ideal for storing anywhere, and its great practicality. And it is also that its price does not exceed 30 euros. Give free rein to your imagination and cook new dishes!

3.3 liter container

One of the accessories that this cutter includes is a container for preserving food that has a capacity of 3.3 liters. Thus, all the food that you cut can be stored comfortably inside and you can also use it as a lunch box. It’s all advantages!

The rest of the parts are made of hygienic materials and the blades are made of stainless steel for greater resistance and duration. All accessories are designed in a green color, either light or dark, and the package purchase includes a booklet with ideas to help you with recipes.

slip resistance

Another of its most outstanding features is that this cutter has great resistance to slipping, which increases your safety, reducing the risk of cuts and possible accidents.

Thus, in this lot you will find a locking lid, a 12 x 12-millimeter and 24-millimeter blade insert, to make larger cuts, a slice holder, a grater, a 9-millimeter vegetable cutter and a punch, among others.

*All purchase prices included in this article are current as of April 4, 2023.

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