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A clean and tidy house is essential, not only for our home to look neat and striking, but because it is beneficial for health and well-being in general. If we clean regularly we avoid the accumulation of dust, therefore, we prevent allergies and other respiratory diseases, we rid our home of bacteria, germs and pests, we reduce stress or anxiety by seeing that everything has its place, therefore, we will have inner order and a positive routine that will raise our mood. Thus, we will enjoy being at home much more and relaxing after busy days and a lot of work.

But, for the house to stay clean and in order, we need cleaning tools and products that make the process easier and allow the house to smell clean. In addition to disinfectants and cleaners, we find a variety of brooms, rags, buckets, mops or cleaning kits, like the one we recommend in EL PAÍS Showcase, as it is one of Amazon Mexico’s favorites, which already has more than 9,000 ratings and has an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars. Find it, now, with an 11% discount.

cleaning kit
cleaning kit

No need to bend down

Home cleaning doesn’t have to be an exhausting process that leaves your body or back sore at the end, because with this cleaning kit you save yourself the drudgery. You will not have to bend down to squeeze the cloth, thanks to its foot pedal bucket that allows to control the humidity of the mop that, in addition, incorporates anti-splash protection. Once ready, you will enjoy a fast and effective cleaning.

“The material of the mop and the bucket seems to be of very good quality, as well as resistant. The bucket is wide so you don’t have to struggle with the amount of water you need to clean and with no problem of spills”, comments user Diego.

For his part, the user Juan Carlos rates the cleaning kit with five stars, because “it is a good product, easy to use, comfortable and, since it does not use hands, it is more hygienic. In general it is a good product and I do recommend it”.

cleaning tools
cleaning tools

folding head

The mop has a absorbent microfiber head With a triangular shape, it reaches all corners of the house and has a pivot to reach under furniture. It includes a bucket with a draining pedal, an adjustable handle to adapt to all heights and a 100% microfiber bow.

“I loved. It definitely makes home cleaning easier. You don’t get your hands dirty, it cleans floors and walls without any problem and it’s durable. The handle is extensible, but you have to be careful when squeezing because you can break the joints,” says José Damián Sarabia.

household cleaning products
household cleaning products

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