December 10, 2023

Using expandable suspenders like this best-selling set available on Amazon is a great at-home solution.
Using expandable suspenders like this best-selling set available on Amazon is a great at-home solution.Getty Images

The textiles They are a central element in all homes and fulfill a main function, not just aesthetic: that of feeling comfortable and protected on numerous surfaces. However, being so light and light, they tend to move, come off or cause annoying wrinkles in those places where they are placed. To avoid this inconvenience and without breaking our heads excessively, we have signed a batch of adjustable straps for covers, mattress toppers and sheets very practical for sale in Amazon and with thousands of reviews.

The product has more than 5,600 opinions and has already climbed to fourth position in the category of bed accessories. belongs to the firm Bedecor, a brand specialized in this type of accessories for rest. And you can choose packages of four or eight units and in black or white color at a really low price: from solo €7.99.

But before going fully into describing its main features, we would like to stop at the great average score that users who have already tried them have given it: 4.4 out of 5 stars. Standing out for his elasticity, comfort of use and above all, value for money. “Good quality adjustable braces, they are resistant”says one of them.

Mini size, high holding power

What material are these Bedecor extendable braces made of? On the one hand, the manufacturer has used chrome metal of great resistance in the head of the support (the one that is in charge of clamping the garments); and, on the other, the use of a material of guaranteed elasticity As the nylon. “Very good value for money. I use it to keep the waterproof sheet on the sofa from moving one iota”assures, satisfied, another user.

A product so versatile that it can be used in linens (holding firmly fitted sheets, protectors, various covers for armchairs, sofas or ironing boards; or all types of blankets in a variety of mattresses and thicknesses) as well as other everyday textilessuch as tablecloths or oilcloths. “I use them to hold the duvet under the mattress and, since I put them on, the bed falls apart less”says another user.

Other buyers highlight how practical it is when we refer to the little ones in the house, who tend to be the most restless at night: “I bought it because my son moves a lot while sleeping and the duvet kept coming off. With this invention, everything in his place ”. Is about reduced design straps (its ends measure 2.5 centimeters) but with a contrasted elastic power: going from 30 to 120 centimeters.

Protection system, two-step placement and available in a couple of sizes

Another advantage of these adjustable suspenders for sheets resides in their good clamping system: in addition to avoiding unnecessary travel, use a plastic protection that protects fabrics from possible tears or marks. This, together withor easy placement (it must be held by the corners and, after this, adjusted to the desired size and not the other way around), make it a one-size-fits-all product. high reliability.

“If you have a thick mattress and the sheets have already lost some elasticity, this type of solution is the most appropriate. Since I bought them, the fitted sheets never come out and I sleep without a wrinkle in the sheets”, comments another user. Otherwise, these braces can be machine wash at 60 degrees without problem and sold in two sizes: M and L. The latter can extend up to 200 centimeters, essential, for example, for double beds or large covers.

*All purchase prices included in this article are current as of April 22, 2023.

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