February 19, 2024

Normally, when we drive we use the car’s GPS, we make calls, we play music and, in general, we manipulate the cell phone, so it is essential to have a fixed place to place the phone to avoid using your hands or to do so as little as possible. Despite the fact that many car models already include a touch screen with all the necessary features to make your journey easier, there are many older ones that do not, therefore, they require special support.

There is a great variety of these cell phone holders, with clamp or magnet designs that are placed on the dashboard, in the rearview mirror, in the ventilation grills, etc. It all depends on the place that you consider most comfortable for you and in which the cell phone is kept fixed and safe.

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easy to install

This cell phone holder will facilitate your trips in the car while you transport yourself to work, school or wherever you go. It is a one-touch mechanism, since you only have to press the side locking arms with a quick movement and place the cell phone against the trigger button.

The arms of the mount will close automatically, holding your device securely while you drive. You can mount or remove your phone in seconds with the mechanism Easy OneTouchwith a universal base that adapts to smartphones and covers of any size. If the suction cup that sticks to the dashboard is dirty and no longer sticks like it used to, you can restore it by rinsing with warm water and air-drying.

“This mount stays securely attached to the CD slot. Its one-touch mechanism is very practical and functional: you just recharge your cell phone and the support holds it firmly. The materials are of quality and resistant, with pads that take care of the sides of the cell phone”, says Alfredo Hernández.

telescopic arm

This stand features a telescopic arm that extends from about 12 to 20 cm and rotates 260 degrees. This allows for a wide variety of custom viewing angles while you’re on the road. Also, you can easily and securely adjust the bottom foot by pressing the spring button.

In addition to this, the device has a cable organizer to keep charging cables neatly organized, thanks to its magnetic tab located near the bottom foot.

“This support is the best: functional, stable, good grip, does not get in the way, versatile, etc. I have had all kinds of cell phone holders and they always failed for one reason or another, however, I found this one after many years and it is the best”, says Eduardo Mora.

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