March 4, 2024

In the house we have accessories that are essential to keep it clean and tidy, which gives us a feeling of well-being. In addition to this, there are household whites, ranging from cushions in the living room or bedroom to bathroom towels. Towels are multifunctional and versatile accessories, because they serve us both to dry off after bathing and to take them to the pool or the beach as well as to dry our hands. They are not only garments for daily use, but depending on their material it is the sensation and softness that they will give to our skin, coupled with the fact that they absorb moisture and keep us clean.

In EL PAÍS Showcase we have selected the Amazon Basics bath towel set number one in sales, which already exceeds 30,000 ratings on Amazon.

Made with natural fiber

There is no better feeling than drying your body or face with a soft towel that takes care of our skin, which is why this set of towels will be ideal for your home. From Amazon Basics and on three-pack, the set is made from 100% cotton for softness and cleanliness. Also, unlike some towels that feel cold and retain moisture after drying off after getting out of the pool or finishing the bath, this one is quick-drying so you feel comfortable at all times.

“These towels are microfiber cotton and are very soft. We use them to dry my baby and he likes them a lot. There are three towels of excellent quality and very soft”, shares the user Belén.

They are light, soft, cozy and made of a natural fiber material, which, in addition to being resistant to use and, therefore, wear and tear, absorbs moisture by distributing water evenly throughout the garment and thus prevents static .

For user MaryCarmen, the towels “are thin, relatively soft, and dry quickly, which makes them wonderful. The silver gray color is very cute and the quality is good. They are light, compact and functional. Excellent product”.

Ideal for your skin

These towels, ideal for the bathroom or to take to the gym, have the advantage of being made of cotton, perfect for all skin types, as they are hypoallergenic, which means that they do not cause irritation and can be used by people with sensitive skin. Likewise, its material allows the correct circulation of air to circulate, so they are breathable and very absorbent. Cleaning is easy, as they are suitable for washing and drying. You find them in a variety of colors so that they can be adapted to your style.

“They are light, but very absorbent from day one of use. The size is standard and the color is as in the photo. The quality is good, highly recommended. They are not fluffy and thick towels, but for me they are fine because they dry and do not leave lint or lose their shape after washing,” says user Esperanza.

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