April 18, 2024


In order to cook our favorite foods and new recipes that we find, it is necessary to have basic kitchen utensils, although some dishes require more sophisticated ones. But, in general, the most used are knives, pots and pans, spatulas, baking pans, strainer, grater, and cutting board. The chopping board is ideal for handling food, cutting and slicing it before cooking. Ideally, it should be a comfortable size, better if you have different sizes, that it be smooth and non-slip.

That is why, at EL PAÍS Showcase we have found the best-selling non-slip chopping board pack on Amazon, which already has more than 14,000 ratings, with an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

Safe and non-slip

There are basic utensils in the kitchen to prepare all kinds of food, one of these is the chopping board, whose function is to provide a flat surface, which is also stable and safe to handle all kinds of food, so we can slice, cut, slice , peel what we are going to prepare to eat.

This pack of three chopping boardswhich includes an extra resistant peeler, is equipped with four non-slip rubber feet on the bottom, which makes them much safer during use.

In general, Amazon users rate the chopping boards pack five stars, saying they are “durable and scratch resistant”, “stable and easy to clean”, “well made”, etc.

resistant and thick

These chopping boards are BPA free and resistant to cutting and slicing your food. In addition, they are thicker and more durable to prevent accidents on kitchen furniture, prevent you from cutting yourself, and are suitable to withstand the pressure you exert with the knife.

The boards help cut through thick or difficult foods, as well as large vegetables, meat, chicken bones, etc. It is important to have a flat surface in the kitchen where we can use the boards to prevent them from moving and to achieve fine and even cuts.

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