March 3, 2024

It can be easily attached to the case thanks to its strong adhesion.  GETTY IMAGES.
It can be easily attached to the case thanks to its strong adhesion. GETTY IMAGES.

One of the most versatile and multifunctional cell phone accessories are ring-style mounts. These types of supports have a powerful adhesive to make it easier to fix this accessory both on the case and on the phone itself. In addition, they are available in different designs: ring, circle, elongated, etc. to provide a secure, adequate and firm grip of the mobile thus preventing it from slipping out of our hands. It also serves as a good support, allowing you to keep your hands free while watching a video or a series.

Another advantage is that they can be rotated and adjusted to always get the best viewing angle. So if you want to add this magnificent accessory to your smartphone or tablet, keep reading because in this selection you will find four proposals, available on Amazon, that stand out for their good value for money.

Ring support with more than 42,800 reviews

High quality and good finish. So this ring-shaped support for mobile phones made of stainless steel, a very resistant and durable material. Also, the edges are polished to carefully protect your fingers.

It presents a strong adhesion thanks to the 3M tape that it incorporates on the back. Thus, the phone will be protected against bumps and scratches. In addition, it has a 360 degree rotation and is adjustable by 180 degrees.

absolute compatibility

This support is specially designed to be compatible with all types of smartphones and tablets. In this way, it can be installed comfortably and easily.

Silicone support for mobiles

This small accessory offers a secure grip on the phone. It has dimensions of 40 x 7 x 40 millimeters and is made of silicone, a material that is resistant to water.

It can be folded to take up less space when transporting it. Unfolded, it acts as if it were a support, so we can perform other tasks while watching a video or a series.

interchangeable design

The design of this support allows its exchange with other new designs. In addition, they are compatible with wireless charging and can be easily attached and removed.

Ring holder, various colors

If you are looking to watch videos both vertically and horizontally with this mobile support, you will be able to achieve it without problems, since it can be rotated 360 degrees and is adjustable by 180 degrees.

It is made of an aluminum alloy and has smooth edges for greater comfort. It is also very light and has a powerful adhesive to fix it on the back of the phone.

fit for car

One of the advantages of this device is that it has a magnetic support, so if we have another magnetic support installed on the car’s dashboard, it can be attached.

Full Rotation Ring Holder

The ultra-thin design of this stand stands out, which is made of a high-quality stainless steel and zinc alloy. In addition, it incorporates a 3M adhesive pad to make it easier to fix this accessory on the phone.

It can be rotated 360 degrees and is adjustable by 180 degrees to get the best viewing angle at all times. It is available in pink and gray to choose according to taste.

Very versatile

Thanks to the format that this support presents, it can also be used as a selfie stick. In this way, you can take pictures, as well as make videos with greater stability.

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