April 19, 2024


Sometimes social networks help us discover new things, such as healthy recipes, places to visit, books to read, and alternative methods of exercise. In tiktok, we have witnessed a very effective cardio routine that reminds us of our childhood, the hula hoops fitness. This version smart from the hula hoop that we used to do when we were little at school to play with our friends or in gymnastics, it is a fun workout that helps to work the core making hip circles and moving the hoop to keep it active during the workout. It has oscillating weights which adds an additional effort that reduces sizes and refines the waist.

It is important that any exercise you do is progressive. It is not advisable to give everything from the beginning, because you do not have the strength and condition; that is earned over time. The exercise is to keep us healthy and have a good time, without overexerting ourselves causing an injury that can become a more serious problem, so it is necessary to consult an expert.

In EL PAÍS Showcase we have selected the hula hoop fitness number one in sales in Amazon Mexico to accompany your daily workouts. We tell you everything about him.

What is hula hoop fitness?

It is the intelligent version of the classic hula hoop, made up of multiple articulated knots that connect to each other and come into direct contact with the waist. This mechanism is designed to massage, or achieve a similar effect, due to the spring housed inside. In addition, it incorporates ball-shaped weights, which increase the intensity of the training.

Massage and work your body

Every day we look for new ways to train without forcing our body too much causing an injury. This hula hoop is ideal for burning body fat and at the same time shaping your body. The best thing is that when using it, it massages your waist and relaxes you. So it has different functions: fitness and massage.

innovative design

The innovative design of this hoop for exercise It facilitates its use, if compared to the traditional hula hoop, as it will not fall. And, thanks to its magnetic buckle, you can freely ride at your own waist size. It is suitable for people who need to lose weight, belly fat, postpartum mothers, office workers, students, etc. It is detachable and easy to carry.

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