December 6, 2023

Oddly enough, in the 21st century, the food industry still produces edible products aimed at women. We are talking about infusions, drinks, cold cuts, dairy products or substitute bars that are clearly identifiable by their pink color and, in some cases, by the female silhouettes or photos that appear on their packages. They all have a common denominator: they promise to lose weight or not make you gain weight. And in general, they are a punishment for the palate.

What is behind these inventions? They are healthy? They are sexist? Can we call them hoaxes? Dietitian-nutritionist Azahara Nieto answers these questions by reviewing some of the most popular. And we check how bad they are, by the way.


  • Vitalinea Densia
  • Cuida T turkey breast from Campofrío
  • Bicentury high fiber biscuits
  • “Repair” drink from Solán de Cabras
  • Nescafe Latte Cappuccino Triple 0
  • Infusion burns fat from Hacendado
  • Infusion Susanon “Light legs”
  • Pompadour Lipoaction Infusion
  • Substitue Bars from Bicentury
  • Skimmed condensed milk from Carrefour
  • Bi Manna Substitute for Oats

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