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We rank the best ergonomic and wireless mice for left-handed people of 2023.
We rank the best ergonomic and wireless mice for left-handed people of 2023.HAMA

Since most of the population is right-handed, almost all objects and utensils are designed to be used with the right hand. It is estimated, however, that between 10% and 15% of the world population is left-handed.: hence there are scissors, peelers, openers, notebooks… specifically designed to be used with the left hand. There are even desktop and laptop peripherals designed for this part of the population, such as the following selection of left handed mice.

Which left-handed mice have we chosen?

The five selected models are Hama EMW-500L (7), Kensington ProFit (8.5), Logitech Lift Vertical Ergonomic Mouse Left (8.5), Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse (7,5) and Perixx Perimice-713L (7.5). When analyzing and evaluating them, these are the aspects that have been taken into account:

  • Manufacturing: from the point of view of its construction to guarantee the maximum possible durability, especially if the peripheral is going to be used intensively.
  • Ergonomics: this criterion is essential. That be comfortable to usethat the wrist does not accumulate tension and that guarantees a grip as natural as possibleespecially if many hours are spent in front of the computer.
  • Buttons: how is the access to the buttons that it incorporates and its usability, with special attention to the scroll wheel.
  • Others: if the sensitivity (or DPI) can be adjusted to the user’s needs, does the manufacturer include some downloadable software to customize some of its buttons?, if the download of the drivers It’s done automatically, no problem…

Comparison of the best left-handed mice: this is how we have tested them

To carry out this comparison, we have had the collaboration of a left-handed person who, over the last month, has used these five mice and has transferred his impressions to us: how is the comfort of usehe grip they offerthe pointer speedhis sensitivity… All of them work with one or two batteries and a small receiver to be placed in one of the USB ports of the computer.

left-handed mice Logitech Lift Vertical Ergonomic Mouse Left and Kensington ProFit have obtained the highest score (in addition, the latter also achieves the best value for money). Not only do they have the best design and are the most comfortable to use, but they also have the option of downloading a program to customize some of their buttons and get much more out of them, improving productivity.

Logitech Lift Vertical Ergonomic Left-Handed Mouse: Our Pick

Made from 70% recycled plastic and covered with a soft rubber grip textured in the area where the thumb rests, it does not have the flattened design of the mice of a lifetime: it is vertical to reduce wrist pressure and muscle tension, thus providing a more comfortable and natural grip and support that promotes ergonomics; It also helps the peripheral to incorporate a angle of 57º.

He Logitech Lift Vertical Ergonomic s left-handed mouseIt is powered by an AA battery that is included (the manufacturer promises an autonomy of up to two years) that is placed in a compartment located in the base and where, in addition, there is a space to store your USB receiver when not in use; Likewise, in this base there is the on/off button and the button Easy-Switch which enables pair it with up to three devices and alternate between them.

incorporates a magnetic control wheel called SmartWheel with various modes of scrolling (depending on whether we choose precision or speed); a button to change the sensitivity of the mouse, which can be adjusted between 400 and 4,000 dpi, and two other customizable forward and backward. To do this, you have to download Logi Options+, a free program available on the Logitech website that also allows you to apply presets in programs like word and Excelapps like Microsoft Teams and browsers like Google Chrome.

Kensington Pro Fit left-handed mouse: the alternative and best value for money

It is also part of the group of computer mice with a vertical designl: In this case, you have a 41º angle and the user experience is one of the best. Ensures a grip that feels comfortable right out of use and the access to its six buttons it turns out especially intuitive.

In it The forward and back buttons are located on the right side.and in the upper part the scroll wheel, right and left click button and DPI switching button that thanks to its three configurations (800, 1200 and 1600) allows you to customize the precision of the cursor and its sensitivity; On this DPI switch button is located the status indicator that reports the correct operation (or not) of the peripheral.

The Kensington Pro Fit left-handed mouse It is powered by an AA battery located in a compartment located in the base, next to the on/off button, and like the rest it also has its own connector plug and playand to connect it to the computer.

Comment, in another order of things, that from the manufacturer’s website it is possible to download the free tool KensingtonWorks. It is a program that allows customize some of your buttons to get the most out of it: it includes editing functions (copy, paste, select…) and navigation, volume up and down, window adjustment, opening folders, URL addresses or task manager, among other options.

Perixx Perimice-713L left-handed mouse

Together with the Hama, Kensington and Logitech models, they are the four mice in the comparison that have a vertical design. The user experience has not been bad, but it is true that, when comparing comfort and grip, especially as time passes in front of the computer, some of its opponents provide better ergonomics and comfort of use.

The left-handed mouse Perixx Perimice-713L is made in ABS plastic (the quality is correct), it works with two AAA batteries that are placed in a compartment located in the base where the on/off button and a compartment to store your USB receiver are also located.

Meanwhile, the control buttons are the usual ones: right, left, forward, backward, scroll wheel (its route can be improved) and DPI connector that is located on one of the sides; default, the mouse uses a value of 1,200but also offers the option of using it with a sensitivity of 800 or 1,600.

On the other hand, this model has a led that integrates a battery indicator that when activated informs that it is necessary to change its batteries.

Left-handed mouse Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse

By having a symmetrical design It can be used not only by left-handed but also right-handed people. In addition, this design is not common in this class of accessories because when fully flat it stays off and when it bends it turns on automatically: just at that moment the green light on the front is activated for a few seconds and then goes off, thus prolonging the life of your batteries for as long as possible; By the way, it comes with two AAA batteries.

What we liked least about left-handed mouse Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse is that it does not include a compartment to store the USB connector that attaches to the computer: although it can be attached magnetically at the bottom, it is not the best alternative.

The mouse feels much more comfortable than expected. To its two mechanical buttons (right and left) we must add the scroll wheel. Actually, this wheel is a tactile surface that responds perfectly to the touch on its surface, although at first the sensation is a bit strange until you get used to the small vibrations it emits. Thanks to your BlueTrack technology It can be used on other surfaces such as carpet or wood.

Hama EMW-500L left-handed mouse

This model is located available in two versions, one wired and one wireless, which is the one we have tested. Therefore, to use it, the first thing to do is insert the AA battery that comes in its box into the compartment that it incorporates for this purpose and then connect the USB receiver that comes with it in one of the class A USB ports on the computer; This receiver can be stored in the peripheral itself to always have it located when it is not being used. The first time the drivers They did not install correctly and the process had to be repeated.

bathed by a rubberized surface than to the touch it is soft and quite nicehe Hama EMW-500L left-handed mouse joins the group of computer mice that opts for a vertical design. As with the Perixx model, the device guarantees an experience that is not bad and the tension that the wrist accumulates is significantly reduced.

However, the ergonomic and vertical design of the mice from Logitech and Kensington has been solved much better. It has a total of six buttonsincluding the scroll wheel (feels a bit hard at first until you get used to it) and a dpi switch (supports 1000, 1400, and 1800 sensitivity), as well as a battery level LED.

*All purchase prices included in this article are current as of March 18, 2023.

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