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In order for it to be drinkable and safe to consume, the water that reaches our homes is treated with the aim of eliminating the chemical products, particles and bacteria that may be present in it. However, when it comes out of the tap it still contains some metals and chemical agents such as chlorine that can have a detrimental effect on health and affect the taste of the water. To prevent this from happening, there are filter jugsone of the best options to improve the quality of the liquids we ingest and use for cooking.

Its operation is simple: the water passes through a filter cartridge, included inside the jug, which contains granular materials that retain unwanted compounds, until the lower tank is filled with clean water. In addition, these types of jars have clear environmental benefits: significantly reduce the purchase of plastic bottles and jugs at home.

What filter jugs have we chosen?

For this comparison we have tested five filter jugs whose price ranges from 24 to 30 euros: BRITA Style blue (with an average score of 9.75 points), BWT – Electronic water filter jug (9.25), Cecotec – H2ONature 2400 Active Pro water purifying jug (9.5), Aqua Optima Oria water filter jug (9) and Philips Filter jug ​​AWP2936WHT-3/10 (9.75). These are the aspects that we have taken into account when analyzing them:

Ability. Number of liters of water that can be stored.

Cartridge/filter life. Every how many liters of water or days is it necessary to change the filter so that the water is well filtered?

Design. The material with which it is made, the colour, the weight and the shape (if it is suitable to put it in the fridge), as well as the design of the handle (easy to grip and transport).

Taste of the water. Colorless, tasteless, fresh… It depends on whether the filter used is more or less capable of removing the substances that alter the taste and smell of the water.

Others. Easy to clean, possibility of putting them in the dishwasher, indicators for filter changes…

The best filter jugs of 2023: this is how we have tested them

Each of the filter jugs participating in this comparison has been used for a week to filter the water that we use both for consumption and for cooking (boiling food, making coffee and tea…). We also tried to put them in the refrigerator to see their ability to cool and their adaptability to the refrigerator door. Without a doubt, the taste of the water improved remarkably with all of them. However, the winner of this analysis is the Philips Filter jug ​​AWP2936WHT-3/10. It is as comfortable to use as it is easy to clean. In addition, it has a capacity of up to 3 liters of water and fits perfectly in the refrigerator.

Philips AWP2936WHT-3/10 filter jug: our pick

It stands out for its great capacity: stores up to 3 liters of water, so it is ideal for family meals, gatherings of friends or for cooking large amounts of food. On the other hand, his minimalist design in white makes it an elegant pitcher and suitable for any type of kitchen. It fits perfectly in the refrigerator door and has a top and one dustproof nozzle.

Data sheet

  • Material: plastic
  • Dimensions and weight: 39 x 56 x 28cm. // 0.94 kg.
  • Others: timer to change the filter.

It is equipped with the Micro X-Clean filter that performs a four-stage filtration process to reduce microplastics, limescale, chlorine, lead, pesticides, minerals, and any other contaminants found in tap water. As a result, it is possible to enjoy better tasting water and the beverages and foods made with it. In addition, the reduction of limescale helps extend the life of household appliances.

Although our test only lasted a week, the filter ensures serve up to 30 days. Once elapsed, the digital timer warns of the need to change it. In addition, it is possible to see the number of days left to do it. Replacing it is simple: just remove the cartridge, remove the oval filter and put another in its place. The Philips AWP2936WHT-3/10 filter jug It is also easy to clean and can be put in the dishwasher, except for the lid.

The best, the worst and conclusions

  • The best: it is easy to clean, fill and does not drip when pouring water. Its clean and elegant design suits all kitchens.
  • Worst: the digital timer could have more color to be more visible.
  • Conclusion: ideal to use both in winter and in summer, putting it in the fridge door. Its four stages of filtering achieve tasteless, fresh and clean water.

BRITA Style blue filter jug: the alternative

It shares many of the features with the Philips model and is the ideal alternative if you don’t need a jug with as much capacity. This accessory can store up to 2.4 litersenough for the day to day of one or more people.

The BRITA Style filter jug It also has a sleek, minimalist, mouthpiece-less design. In this case, its design is dominated by white and blue colors (visible in the tab used to lift the lid) and its handle is attached to the jug at both ends (it enters the refrigerator door).

Among the details that most attract attention is the indicator with LED light for filter change, which measures the time of use and the liters of water filtered and indicates when to replace the cartridge. Located near the nozzle, the indicator turns from green to yellow when there is little time left to change the filter and to red when it is necessary to replace it. According to the manufacturer, this happens after four weeks of its first use.

It’s about a MAXTRA+ filter made with natural coconut shells, in which tap water goes through four stages of filtration. First, it flows through a fine mesh filter to reduce particles like sand or rust. Then activated carbon made from natural coconut shells reduces substances that affect odor and taste. Next, the ion exchange resin reduces scale and certain metals such as lead and copper, and finally, a special fine mesh filter retains the mixture of particles.

Cecotec H2ONature 2400 Active Pro water filter jug: best value for money

For less than 24 euros, with the Cecotec H2ONature 2400 Active Pro pitcher with filter it is possible to enjoy a fresh and taste-free water for three months since it includes three filters with the purchase.

In this case, the liquid passes through four layers: microfiber, to trap the largest particles; activated carbon and silver, to eliminate even chlorine, odor, taste and the possible proliferation of bacteria; ion exchange resinto catch the heavy metals such as cadmium, copper, mercury and aluminum; and a last one to maintain the minerals of the water, such as calcium or magnesium.

This model has a 2.4 liter capacity and its size is perfect to be inserted into the door of a standard refrigerator. It has a thick handle for a good grip and a removable lid. The LCD indicator is located here to quickly view the useful life of the filter. Once the jug is full, the user must press start so that the device warns when it is necessary to change the filter.

Same as previous models can be cleaned by hand or put in the dishwasher (without the lid). In this case, in addition, the weight and dimensions are less, making it a very comfortable jug to transport.

BWT electronic water filter jug

Available in purple or white, it is also a suitable option to use in family gatherings or with friends, since it has a large capacity: 2.7 liters. This prevents you from having to fill it continuously. Nonetheless, fits perfectly in the fridge forks quite light (0.88kg).

The design of electronic jug with water filter BWT It differs from the rest in several aspects: the area where the water enters is circular and it is not necessary to lift any lid to fill it. On the other hand, it has a nozzle that opens to the passage of water, although it is a bit uncomfortable and can cause splashes.

Also, the design of the filters is very different. This is a rather large three-cartridge system that is inserted by lifting the lid. This means that it is not compatible with other universal filters, as is the case with other models of jugs. However, it offers a great filtration that reduces chlorine, heavy metals and lime scale.

This accessory also mineralizes the water with magnesium, which gives the water a distinct taste. Lastly, it includes tEasyControl technology on a timer that calculates the jug’s usage time and indicates the best time to change the cartridge.

Aqua Optima Oria water filter jug

It’s easy to fill: No need to remove the lid, just slide the button on the handle to open and then again to close. This is one of the most striking features of its design. For the rest, it has a mouthpiece and a fairly wide handle; Its shape is thin and it admits a 2.8 liter capacity.

With a filter it is enough to have water for 30 days (up to a maximum of 100 liters). In this aspect, the Aqua Optima Oria water filter jug It is quite versatile, since the shape of the filters (oval) is multi-adaptable: they are compatible with all Aqua Optima jugs, with Brita, Brita Maxtra+, Tesco and Wilko jugs, as well as with any other jug ​​with oval adjustable filters.

His filtration technology includes five steps that reduce impurities such as chlorine, lime, herbicides, pesticides, lead and heavy metals. In addition, it reduces microplastics in tap water to enjoy clearer water. As a consequence, accumulation inside other electrical appliances is also limited, extending their useful life.

*All purchase prices included in this article are current as of March XX, 2023.

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