April 22, 2024


Nacho Manzano was born 51 years ago in La Salgar, a small Asturian village, next to Arriondas. Between mountains and meadows with cows grazing at ease, he has turned Casa Marcial, with two Michelin stars, into a gastronomic destination. From there, he directs, hand in hand with his sisters Esther, Olga and Sandra, other businesses: Gloria, in Oviedo and Gijón, the Narbasu hotel, in Cereceda, NM of Nacho Manzano, in the Nastura space in Oviedo, and the different stores of Ibérica that is spread throughout London, as well as a banquet business.

where to have breakfast

1. The Mallorquinain Oviedo. It is a pastry shop that is the neuralgic point of the city, where they serve a very good coffee with a correct pastry. I like a cake, the almond bartolo. It is not as well known as the carbayón but it is very good. Address: National Militia, 5. Oviedo. Tel. 985 288 404. www.confiterialamallorquina.com

A place to have an aperitif

2. the spooneru, in Nueva de Llanes. It is a site that is becoming fashionable. It has a micro-well, where they make cider, with a shop and a bar. The owner, César Ruiz, offers honest cuisine, which he buys from those who do it well, such as oxtail or tortilla, which he buys in Ribadesella. Address: Nueva, 146. Nueva de Llanes. Tel. 639 81 02 25.

Where to eat

3. In Pedro Martino, in Caces (Oviedo). He is a cook with a lot of personality, very fine. He has an amazing tasting menu. He interests me a lot in everything he does. Address: La Rienda, 14. Caces. Tel. 684 603 384. www.pedromartino.es

4. I like it a lot too Celia Pinto, who is a Portuguese cook, specializing in cod. Address: Alfonso III the Great, 14. Oviedo. Tel. 985 240 219. www.celiapinto.es

5. And out of curiosity, for food and for location, I recommend going to The Mill of Mingo, and not because Dulce, my wife, wears it, but because it is one of the places in Asturias that never disappoints, and whoever knows it always repeats it. Address: Finca Molín de Mingo. Peruyes. Tel. 985 922 263.

A coffee or sweet in the afternoon

6. Pralinein Gijon. It has a fine pastry shop, as well as the best tea paste in Spain. I go a lot because it’s close to Gloria. Address: San Bernardo, 37. Gijón. Tel. 985 130 180.

Where to have a drink

7. At a crossroads. the cocktail bar Soda 917 It is a place that surprises due to its location, on the top of El Gobernador, next to Villaviciosa. You don’t expect it. Inside there is a great atmosphere and, above all, a high-level cocktail bar. The owners, Enrique Rojo and Eva Tuya from Asturias, left the Negroni cocktail bar they had in Barcelona to settle in this place. It is put with great taste and you find all kinds of distillates. Address: AS-256, 30, Villaviciosa.

A place to dine

8. The fisherman, in Bowls. They have a very good product, well treated. I like fried pixin, the spider crab and the cider they have. Address: San Miguel, 6. Tel. 985 897 145.

9. In the same town I also like The turtle. I remember the sole and the red mullet and when it is in season the bonito is spectacular. Address: San Miguel, 5. Tel. 985 897 168. www.latortugatazones.com

A product to buy in the market

I like to shop at The Güertu, in the Plaza de Abastos de Villaviciosa, a greengrocer and organic products store, with excellent legumes. There we bought the blacks, with which I have made a squid dish. Address: Maliayo, 1. Villaviciosa. Tel. 639 563 477, www.acosevi.es/elguertu. In the same market, I also buy in the Nachon butcher shop, where they have some very good shoulder steaks. Tel. 985 892 156.

Another place to buy good fresh produce from the garden is the farm, in Nueva de Llanes, where they sell anything from verdinas, tomatoes, potatoes, beans or piparras. Tel. 617 031 850.

A culinary ‘souvenir’ from Asturias

The fabada pack. In that we have improved a lot and now they are sold of quite high quality. I buy them at the Aquilino Cheese store. Address: Ángel Tarano, 1. Cangas de Onís. Tel. 985 947 106. www.quesosaquilino.com


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