February 20, 2024

It seems that the days are gone when lamps were necessary and discreet objects in the home, since interior design trends give them a leading role by 2023. Made of new, colourful, bulky materials and the result of craftsmanship, having a special lamp is already one of the keys that distinguishes a room.

Points of light placed with intention and screens with aesthetic pretensions dominate the spaces in the decoration headboards that define the trends. The signs are already everywhere. The Apartment Therapy platform conducted a survey of 78 professional designers at the end of 2022 to determine what paths interior design trends would take this year. One of his clearest conclusions was that investing in lamps is a good decision. “The hall and the dining room are central lighting points in which you tend to focus on the details and finishes of a lamp,” designer Michelle Tremont Boyd pointed out for the publication, justifying that, if there was ever an ideal moment to splurge on lamps design, it is this that we go through.

For its part, the decoration head Homes & Gardens it points out some of the characteristics that in the coming months will be pursued by all those who want to give a touch of distinction to their home using a special lamp. The publication advocates making lamps a weighty design element with sculptural and characterful pieces, eclectic color combinations and pendant lamps made of special materials.

According to experts, judicious selection of size, height and incidence of light is crucial to obtain the right atmosphere in a room.
According to experts, judicious selection of size, height and incidence of light is crucial to obtain the right atmosphere in a room. Vlajs (Getty Images)

From Paterna (Valencia), the space lighting design firm Peralta Vidavi works based on the know-how of local artisans in the sector to offer high-quality personalized lamps and lampshades. Their clients, they tell EL PAÍS, often come from the hospitality sector, in which they have seen a growing interest in including personalized lamps that dominate the space and give it a differentiating touch. “People want something different. 10 years ago everyone had the same imported lamps, but today the way to distinguish yourself from the rest is through lighting and decoration”, explains David Escudero, director of operations of the firm. “Some lamps mark the space a lot and generate a different sensation. We see it a lot in restoration, where more and more is invested in lighting and screens made by hand”.

There is no more appropriate resource than artisanal for those who seek not to have the same as the rest in their home. The interest in interior design that arose at the end of the confinement is reflected in the attention to detail and finishes in each room. From Peralta Vidavi they are proud to manufacture in Valencia, with local producers. “We are in favor of promoting and protecting artisan work, and this allows us agility that importers do not have,” adds Escudero. Something important in this search for customization, since it allows them to play with the design elements until they find unique objects.

The trends that are coming and those that continue

if the magazine Homes & Gardens predicted a commitment to eclectic color combinations in lamps and lighting shades, Escudero confirms this thesis. “The color returns. Strawberry, turquoise tones and even garish color combinations are coming, ”he assures, while he certifies the arrival of new materials that are somewhat less predictable in lighting screens such as velvet, a return of style vintagebut passed through a contemporary filter, as is the case with the return of fringed lamps.

A Balinese-style wicker and rattan lamp.
A Balinese-style wicker and rattan lamp. Oleg Breslavtsev (Getty Images)

And what about the fashion for natural fibers? That taste for materials such as bamboo, wicker and rattan in nude tones that has invaded the networks and so many homes. Escudero predicts that it will not disappear overnight, and will be very present throughout 2023.

Where to place the light points

Kirsten Gainnie, co-founder of the New Orleans lamp manufacturer Sazerac Stitches, confessed to the newspaper The Washington Post that changing the lamp in a room could benefit from a modernization effect without the need to resort to a reform. But yes, you can also learn to illuminate a space, and the guide offered by the publication insists on the importance of judiciously selecting the size, height and incidence of light to obtain the atmosphere (and functionality) pursued in the stay.

David Escudero, from Peralta Vidavi, perceives that often “the aesthetic result is sought above functionality”. His advice is, first of all, to stop and think about why you want this type of lighting: “Is it decorative or for reading? Perhaps for a dressing room the best thing is not a screen but a line of spotlights, and then a screen can be placed as a decoration”.

Taking into account the characteristics of the available space and the functionality pursued by the lighting, it is possible to play with the points of light to recreate different environments or effects and, ultimately, achieve that unique space that so many aspire to.

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