February 20, 2024

The public institute La Garrotxa, in the Girona region of Olot (36,716 inhabitants), has had this course the only student who has completed the Catalan selectivity of 2023. Carla Vendrell Palomo found out this Wednesday in an after-dinner meal with her friends from who had obtained a ten in the University Access Test (PAU). Last year, two students obtained the highest marks in these Community exams: Ramon Bernadas and Marta Bernadet, who now share a medical course at Pompeu Fabra University (UPF).

At that same university, Vendrell wants to study Law next year, according to the director of the institute, Jordi Antiga. The director points out that he is now celebrating his success in Menorca, a favorite destination among the students of his school. “I have spoken with her a few hours ago, she was very happy but somewhat overwhelmed with the calls and the leading role.” Antiga points out that she has been the best student in her humanities baccalaureate class, with an average grade of 9.85 and a research paper on women in ancient Greece and the breakdown of the traditional roles of patriarchal society.

Vendrell, 18, comments by phone that “she was very clear” and that “she had always been interested in” exclusively law studies. She dismissed the temptation of a double degree: “I think it’s better to focus on one thing. When I am clearer about what I want to do, I will specialize”. Although she didn’t need a grade that high, she admits that she had “a very strong study method throughout high school.”

Among her hobbies, she highlights reading and singing versions of her favorite songs with the guitar, but artistic roller skating has been her great project. She has practiced it since she was four years old until last year. “I said goodbye through the front door. I won the 2021 World Cup in Argentina”, recalls the student.

The Department of Universities of the Generalitat has published this Friday the results of the PAU that the Catalan students took at the beginning of June. 96.98% of those who applied have passed with an average grade of 6.78, a few tenths less than in 2022 (6.85). 3.5% of these 32,538 students have passed 9 in the general phase. Vendrell is part of this select group, followed by seven other Catalan students who have obtained a 9.9: four in Barcelona and three in Tarragona.

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The subject with the best average grade in common subjects was German (8.32), while the worst was Italian (6.58). Catalan Language has had an average grade of 6.7 and History a 7.11.

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