March 3, 2024

These covers allow the flashlight to be removed with ease.  GETTY IMAGES.
These covers allow the flashlight to be removed with ease. GETTY IMAGES.

The flashlight is a very useful tool that can be used in various areas such as at work, when camping, in the car, etc. And to be able to take it anywhere in a comfortable, practical and protected way, the solution is to use a cover. Thus, it will have protection against bumps and scratches and, in addition, since most models can be attached to belts, we can always carry it with us.

Therefore, if you want to include this accessory to be able to take your flashlight anywhere safely, keep reading because in this selection you will find four types of covers, available on Amazon, which stand out for being made of resistant and durable materials and for being able to adapt in a simple and practical way to any type of belt.

flashlight holster

This flashlight case incorporates a support on the back so that it can be adapted to any belt. In addition, this clip rotates 360 degrees to be able to place the flashlight in the position that we want and also has eight fixed positions.

Thus, you can have your hands free and light in the desired position with total comfort, making it perfect for use in any outdoor activity or in jobs that require additional light.

Compatible with almost all flashlights

This model of cover is compatible with almost all flashlights thanks to its elastic bands that allow a good fit and adapts perfectly depending on the size.

Nylon sheath for flashlight

Take your flashlight comfortably and practically anywhere with this holster that can be attached to the belt. It is designed in high quality and resistant nylon, which is also waterproof.

It has measurements of 34.5 x 157 x 34 millimeters and the bands on the sides are elastic for a better fit. This holster is compatible with Wuben L50, TO40R and other similarly sized flashlights.

durable Velcro

It has a velcro with good adhesion that allows you to adjust the flashlight and prevent it from falling. It is very resistant to both dirt and moisture, so its useful life will be longer.

LedLenser Flashlight Holster

The prestigious firm LedLenser has designed this flashlight case, which is made of a reinforced material to withstand high demands. It incorporates a double side wall and is compatible with the P7, T7, B7, M7, MT7 and L7 lantern models.

Thus, you can take your flashlight anywhere, since this case fits ideally on the belt. In addition, it will be protected against bumps and scratches.

signature logo

The careful design of this flashlight case stands out, which presents a white thread trim on the sides and the LedLenser logo on the front area. A very practical accessory!

Double-zip flashlight case

Protect your flashlight against impacts and scratches with this cover made of high quality and resistant nylon. It is very light and adapts perfectly to any style of belt.

It incorporates two elastic bands on each side and a velcro closure on the front that allows the flashlight to be quickly removed. A perfect accessory if we go camping or do outdoor sports that require additional light.

incorporates bracket

The clasp allows the cover to be more securely attached to a belt, backpack or other type of material that incorporates a molle system. In addition, it incorporates a metal buckle to attach a carabiner.

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