April 18, 2024


Thanks to their compact size they can be easily stored anywhere in our home.  © Courtesy of Amazon.
Thanks to their compact size they can be easily stored anywhere in our home. © Courtesy of Amazon.

A tool that can make our lives much easier are folding stairs. This article is ideal for reaching objects that are at a high height, for doing DIY tasks, such as hanging a picture or painting, and always in a safe way. Its non-slip designs, with wide steps, with extra security closures provide good stability to prevent slipping or falling.

In addition, thanks to its folding format, they can be stored in any corner of the home, thus occupying the minimum space. A tool to always have on hand and very easy to transport! Therefore, if you want to include a folding ladder as an extra help, keep reading because in this selection you will find five types, available on Amazon, that stand out for the resistance of their materials.

Folding ladder with safety railing

This folding ladder is made up of four large steps to be able to fully support your feet comfortably. It has a maximum height of 160 centimeters.

It is made of iron, a very solid and resistant material. It incorporates black caps on the legs to prevent scratches on the floor and includes a safety railing at the top.

Includes non-slip mats

Each of the steps of this ladder includes a black non-slip mat, which offers greater support to prevent slipping and possible falls.

Anti-Slip Folding Ladder

If you are looking for a folding step ladder that is suitable for both indoors and outdoors, this option is perfect for you. It has a height of 104 centimeters and three large steps.

It is resistant and durable, since it is made of steel. In addition, it incorporates a safety clip to prevent it from accidentally closing when in use.

perfect stability

The legs of this ladder have been designed with an innovative format to always obtain perfect stability. In addition, the stops are non-slip for greater safety.

Folding ladder, maximum weight 150 kilos

Resistant and light. This is how this folding ladder is made of high-quality aluminum that supports a maximum weight of up to 150 kilograms.

It features two wide steps (34 x 20 centimeters) that incorporate a non-slip band to improve stability and provide greater security.

Compact size

One of the advantages of this ladder is that thanks to its folding format and its compact size it can be stored in any corner of the house, thus occupying the minimum space.

aluminum folding ladder

The structure of this folding ladder is designed to support a total weight of 150 kilograms. It incorporates a locking system for greater security and is very easy to store, it only occupies four centimeters wide when folded!

The legs feature a series of non-slip black caps for added stability and safety, and the three steps are wide for added comfort.

does not rust

The material with which this ladder is made is aluminum, which does not rust over time. In this way, the useful life of this tool for home use will be much longer.

Two step folding ladder

Now you can reach the objects that are higher, carry out DIY tasks with complete peace of mind with this folding ladder, which has great stability thanks to its non-slip feet and steps.

And for added safety, when the ladder is fully opened, the safety hooks automatically lock to prevent unexpected closing.

easy to transport

By having a lightweight structure, this ladder can be transported quickly and easily to any part of the home. A very effective tool to always have on hand!


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