March 4, 2024

Their clip design allows them to be adapted both in the front and in the rear.  GETTY IMAGES.
Their clip design allows them to be adapted both in the front and in the rear. GETTY IMAGES.

Do you want to give your plain shoes a new life quickly and easily? We tell you the solution: use a decorative brooch to give an elegant and sophisticated touch to your footwear. This accessory has a clip-on design that allows it to be adjusted in a practical way to any type of shoe, both in the front part and in the lateral and rear areas.

In addition, the designs are very varied, although the ones that stand out the most are those that have rhinestones and brilliants. And from THE COUNTRY Showcase We have made a compilation with nine different types of shoe clips, available on Amazon, which stand out for their good value for money. If you have a wedding, communion or special event, do not hesitate and shine with your shoes to the fullest.

Pack of two pairs of brooches

Turn your plain shoes into a much more sophisticated new pair with this pack of decorative brooches with a rhinestone and shiny design. They incorporate a clip closure that allows them to be easily placed on any type of shoe. Combine them to your liking!

Crystal style decorative brooch

If you are looking for a complement to give a distinctive and original touch to your shoes, this decorative brooch is ideal for you. It comes equipped with a very easy to put on and take off clip for greater comfort. Dazzle with your shoes on any special occasion.

Buckle-shaped decorative brooch

Diamond style and buckle shaped. This is how this pair of decorative brooches is ideal for wedding shoes, communions or any type of special event. Its operation is very simple, since they incorporate a clip that allows them to be placed both on the front and on the back.

black decorative brooch

The definitive accessory to decorate your shoes in a simple way is this pair of black brooches, which will add elegance to any shoe. It stands out for its round format with rhinestones and its clip-on design for easy placement. They can be used both in high-heeled shoes and in sandals or ballerinas.

Set of two pairs of brooches

Sandals, heels or ballerinas, choose the one that best suits you and decorate your footwear in a simple way with this set of two pairs of studs full of diamonds. One features a round style and the other is a rectangular type so that you can combine them.

Lot with different accessories for shoes

This set of accessories is the most complete, since it includes different models with floral, rhinestone, animal, shiny motifs, etc. Thus, you can decorate your shoes in a simple and quick way to give them a more original and elegant touch. Above all, they are designed for footwear that has holes in its design.

Decorative metal and diamond brooch

A very simple way to give your shoes a new life is by using a decorative brooch like this one. “Very useful to give a different touch to shoes”, comments a user. They present a clip design so that they can be placed both on the top and on the side or in the rear area.

shiny square brooch

If you have a special occasion like a wedding, a communion or a birthday and you don’t know how to decorate your shoes, these square design brooches will be your solution. They are easily clipped onto any type of shoe and do not move when walking. Definitely a great solution!

shiny round brooch

Sophisticated decor and instantly new shoes with these sparkling flower-patterned brooches. So easily you can show off your favorite shoes and give an elegant touch to your looks. This accessory can be attached easily thanks to its clip-on design.

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