February 20, 2024

A perfect shoe to wear with a suit or jeans.  GETTY IMAGES.
A perfect shoe to wear with a suit or jeans. GETTY IMAGES.

Oxford shoes stand out for being a classic model that will never go out of style. It is one of the most elegant and classy lace-up dress shoes. In addition, it can be combined with both suits and dress pants or jeans depending on whether you are looking for a more formal or informal style. Most of these models are made of leather and have a small heel, thus achieving a formal aesthetic with a marked British style.

A classic and stylish shoe that cannot be missing from your wardrobe. And to help you with the search, from THE COUNTRY Showcase We have made this compilation with four types of Oxford shoes, available on Amazon, so you can choose the one that best suits your style. Discover them!

Lace-up shoes with more than 5,000 reviews

These Oxford-style shoes stand out for being made of synthetic leather with a simple toe. The closure is lace and incorporates a small heel that offers an elegant and sophisticated finish.

The range of sizes goes from 39.5 EU to 47 EU and they are available in different colors to choose from according to clothing tastes.

With cushioned insole

For greater comfort with each step, these shoes incorporate a padded latex insole that offers good cushioning. Enjoy maximum comfort all day.

Dress shoes with laces, various colors

The Clarks firm has designed these very elegant dress shoes with laces and that present a high level of comfort, perfect for day to day.

The outer material is made of synthetic leather and the sole is made of rubber. The width of the shoe is medium and they have a small flat heel.

textured sole

The rubber sole of these shoes has a textured format. This design improves grip and reduces the risk of slipping and falling for greater safety.

Flower print dress shoes

The bold and original floral print of these shoes stands out. This design is ideal for both formal and more informal occasions.

The outer area is made of patent leather and leather, and the sole is non-slip for greater comfort. The closure is laced and they have a small flat heel.

Different colors

This model of shoes with floral prints is available in four different colors: red, blue, silver and gold, so that we can choose according to our tastes.

Rubber Sole Dress Shoes

Enjoy maximum comfort with each step with these Oxford shoes that have a very comfortable insole and a durable sole with a 2.5-centimeter high heel.

The outer material of these shoes is synthetic leather and the width is medium. In addition, it incorporates a lace-up closure and they are available in a wide variety of colors.


One of the advantages of these shoes is that in the toe area they incorporate a series of holes that allow better breathability of the foot. Feel dry and comfortable feet all day!

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