February 20, 2024

An ideal accessory to take to the beach.  ROXY.
An ideal accessory to take to the beach. ROXY.

After doing water sports such as diving or surfing, it is important to have a towel among our accessories, since this way we can dry and warm up more quickly and easily. In this sense, the poncho-style towels stand out, which are characterized by including a series of holes for the hands, a hood and a long size that covers almost the entire body. In this way, you can also change clothes without the risk of anyone seeing you.

In addition, they are very light and compact, so they can be taken anywhere with ease. Undoubtedly, a garment that cannot be missing in any of your getaways to the beach or the pool. And, to make the search easier, from THE COUNTRY Showcase We have made a selection of six hooded poncho-style towels from brands such as Quiksilver or Roxy, available on Amazon, which stand out for their variety of colors and their good value for money. Discover them!

Unisex microfiber poncho with more than 2,300 reviews

Light and compact. This is this microfiber poncho-style towel that incorporates a large hood. This type of fabric absorbs moisture much faster than a traditional towel. It is available in different sizes and colors to choose from depending on your needs. Undoubtedly, the perfect towel to use after doing water sports like surfing.

Quick-dry surf towel poncho

The soft and pleasant touch of this poncho towel made of quality materials that do not irritate the skin stands out. This unisex model incorporates a 30-centimetre hood and a series of hooks to adjust the towel more comfortably. Thanks to its length, it is ideal for changing clothes and absorbs moisture quickly.

Quiksilver Poncho Towel

The prestigious Quiksilver brand has developed this poncho towel, ideal for after surfing, with a tie dye print. It comes equipped with a hood and a large front pocket to make it easier to carry small valuables. It is available in other designs and is one size fits all.

Towel poncho, various patterns

Now you can change comfortably after doing your favorite water sports such as surfing, even if there is a lot of wind, without worrying that the towel will blow away with this poncho-style towel model. It stands out for including a hood, a long and wide format, front pocket and opening for the arms. It is available in different patterns and sizes to choose from depending on the needs.

Hooded poncho towel with pocket

If you are looking for comfort and quality in equal parts, this poncho towel is the ideal option. It is made of 100% cotton with OEKO TEX certificate. It wicks moisture quickly and incorporates a hood, front pocket and side vents so you can dry and change clothes more easily. Thus, it is ideal for your surf sessions or any type of water sport and is available in different colors: yellow, blue and grey.

Roxy poncho towel

Dark blue monochromatic poncho towel from the Roxy firm that stands out for including the logo and the brand name in white. It incorporates a large hood and a kangaroo pocket to store different personal items. Thanks to its large size, it is ideal for changing with ease.

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